Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rhino; "Greensboro NAACP Endorses Wade’s City Council Redistricting Bill"; Was the NAACP misled?

"The Greensboro branch of the NAACP has endorsed Senate Bill 36.

Greensboro NAACP President Gladys Shipman announced today that the executive committee of the Greensboro branch of the NAACP had voted to support the Senate bill filed by State Sen. Trudy Wade that will change the system of electing the Greensboro City Council from the current system of electing five members from districts, three at large and the mayor at large to a system that will have seven districts and the mayor elected at large.

The current nine-member council has two minority-majority districts.

The seven-district system will have three minority-majority districts.

Who told them it would be a minority district?

The NAACP press release states, “The NAACP feels that Senate Bill 36 will give the African American and Minority community greater opportunities to have a stronger and more effective voice on the Greensboro City Council.
Allen Johnson; "Roy Carroll says he opposes Wade’s bill"

Why would Roy Carroll
come out against a bill he sought
after Skip? told the NAACP they would get three minority districts?
Hartzman on Roy Carroll, John Hammer and Trudy Wade's City Council Redistricting

Were Roy Carroll, John Hammer and Skip Alston 
involved with misleading the local NAACP chapter?
Registered Voter Percent of Trudy Wade Redistricting Plan Districts Who Voted in 2013

The contested District from a minority viewpoint (7)
has the lowest turnout percentage,
which makes the district the easiest to manipulate
considering all the new residents moving downtown,
which may have been factored into the equation.
An analysis of who would win, based on who actually voted in 2013 in Trudy Wade's 7 Districts

District 7, White or Black Democrat
Democrat 2,321
Republican 372
UNA 521
1,622 Blacks who voted in 2013
1,511 Whites who voted in 2013

I believe the advocates of District 7 
being a solid black district are mistaken.

An overwhelming sum of campaign cash
could sway District 7 to just about anyone.

Chances are, a white, well funded Democratic District 7 Candidate
would win against a poorly funded Black candidate.

If a candidate backed by the good old boys network backed a white democratic candidate in District 7, that candidate would most likely win over a less as well funded black candidate.

2 of 7 = 28.6% most likely black winners.

I believe Trudy Wade's redistricting plan would/could reduce minority Greensboro City Council representation by 16%.
Me thinks the local NAACP board got sold a bridge, 
and it got back to Roy.