Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Democracy and a free press no longer exists in Greensboro, North Carolina

Warren Buffet and Roy Carroll know that the way to control the public is via the ‘news’ media; and they create, buy, and build, all of the ‘news’ media that are of any substantial size or influence. It’s the cheapest way for the aristocracy to control the government; and, besides, an aristocrat who owns a controlling interest in one ‘news’ medium can then sell to his fellow-aristocrats favorable ‘news’ coverage of his own companies and/or of the governmental policies that they seek.

For example, if, say, The Rhino Times slants a report in favor of a certain change in the law, which will help Roy, some of Roy's business associates, a candidate or an elected official or one of the Rhino's advertisers, then that advertiser won’t merely be buying with his ad-dollars increased sales of his own products and services; he’ll also be buying increased public support for his objective, favoring his candidacy or company in a way that will increase his profit-margin or power, even if sales or tax revenues do not increase.

Control over the ‘news’ media is basically an “I’ll scratch your back if you’ll scratch mine” business among our aristocrats: it’s not really about journalism anymore; it is instead about selling — and, what it is mainly selling is influence. That’s influence over government, and not only influence over the sale of private products and services.

That is the reason why Warren Buffet's BH Media didn't report that the U.S. Government carried out a very bloody coup d’etat in Kiev Ukraine in February 2014 under the cover of ‘democracy demonstrations.

It's probably the same reason the News and Record and the Business Journal won't report retirement plan proposals that help employees to the detriment of their advertisers and owners.

Propagandistic ‘journalists’ pre-select ‘experts’ whose opinions just happen to agree with the ‘facts’ that the given journalist’s employer wants to sell as ‘reality’, just like the City of Greensboro does, with the News and Record, Business Journal and Rhino's silent complicity.

If the public doesn't know how economic incentives like the Megasite water and sewer are going to make millions for a select few insiders, how can Greensboro's vote intelligently in the 2015 City Council election?

There can be no democracy on the basis of the public’s ignorance, like the water and sewer deal for Zack Matheny and Robbie Perkins across from the GTCC project.

Forced Government by a controlled press is being used against the public via deception and lies of omission, like how the press blatantly covered for Robbie Perkins against Bill Knight.

Selections regarding what to publish, and how favorably to position a given news-headline, determine what the public comes to know, and what they don’t come to know. The news-media are, in fact, the gateway to democracy. If the gateway is closed-off at most of Greensboro's ‘news’ media, then how can we possibly live under democratic rule, if most don't know what they are voting for?

It’s then a manipulated public, and the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” aristocracy, with its servants like Zack Matheny trying to rotate from government to DGI and then back to government, is actually manipulating the public, rather than serving the public, because Greensboro's aristocracy is being served instead.

Our aristocracy'a ‘news’ media block out the truth regarding the most important issues, like Roy Carroll's back door sewer line paid for by Greensboro's taxpayers, the ones that voters most need to know about, like how much our current mayor's husband made in the free methane at the White Street Landfill, in order to vote intelligently.

Readers should treasure those who refuse to bow to the aristocracy. Readers here should tell their friends about this site. They should spread the word about it, and about the corruptness of the ‘news’ media in general, in our fading ‘democracy.’

What exists in Greensboro is an aristocratic government, which reflects what occurs at the national level.

Our elected government serves taxpayer funded profits to Greensboro's Oligarchy.

A community whose major political players are controlled by its aristocracy, is what we now have.

I would not call the Rhino, the News and Record or the Triad Business Journal actual news outlets, but merely propaganda dissemination vehicles, downplaying important stories while serving conjured "issues" for the masses to be distracted with.