Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Piedmont Triad Partnership's David Powell, Again We Were First

Today the News & Record is reporting:

"The former CEO of the region's economic development agency is being investigated for "financial irregularities," according to a statement released today by the Piedmont Triad Partnership.

"The Piedmont Triad Partnership has provided law enforcement authorities information about financial irregularities involving former CEO David M. Powell," according to the written release.

The organization did not say what law enforcement authorities are involved."


Interesting because on Friday, April 3, 2015 I wrote,

 "And rumors abound as to why David Powell of the Piedmont Triad Partnership is leaving town."

Not only that but a search of this site for the keywords,  David Powell brings up lots of posts that point to questionable behaviors on his part and the part of the Piedmont Triad Partnership and its members.

Will our local media outlets report those as well?

You know an FBI agent once told me he reads this blog every day. Mr Powell might not be the last.

Update: Thursday morning, the Original press release from PTP.