Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ben Holder on Zack Matheny and the Roy Carroll set up DGI CEO job, with Charles Womack's permission

"One thing that is certain
is Councilman Zack Matheny wants to be DGI’s next president/CEO,
so he is going to vote in his best interest and not the taxpayers.

Matheny is said to be the top candidate for the position
and he is currently promoting himself
and politicking his way into a new job
by contacting several of downtown’s big players.

Some say it is a conflict for Matheny
to even apply for the job while serving on the council.

Matheny is using his clout as a councilman
to land a new job and that is unfair...

The legal department should force him to recuse himself
when the council decides upon DGI’s future.

Matheny's vote is tainted.

Matheny had more opportunity
to help DGI become efficient
than any other council member
because he served as the council’s liaison to DGI.

While serving as the liaison,
Zack helped guide DGI into lacklusterness
and there isn’t any reason to believe he will be able to do a better job
if he becomes the president/CEO of DGI."