Monday, May 11, 2015

Roy Carroll's Rhino Times questionable circulation subsidized by Greensboro's taxpayers

May 7, 2015's edition of Roy Carroll's Rhino Times
has a total of 40 pages, with, by my count, 
only 7.625 pages of advertisements,
the most prominent of which
is for Matt Brown's Greensboro Coliseum
for advertising with taxpayer monies.

It has long been common knowledge 
among local journalists and media outlets 
that Roy Carroll and before him, John Hammer, 
have long inflated their circulation numbers.

The City of Greensboro was unable to provide
the Rhino Times Circulation Audit, 
I'm assuming because no such audit exists.

Is the City of Greensboro paying a total of $27,000 a year 
($13,000 cash plus $14,000 in barter) 
for readers that don't exist? 

These good ol' boy arrangements are bleeding Greensboro dry.

Billy Jones

Roy Carroll's Rhino Times May 7, 2015's edition
makes no mention of the Rhino's 70,000 reach,
nor does the edition even have a Service Directory.

A stack of unread Rhino's at a Harris Teeter on a recent Saturday;

Another stack of unread Rhino's on a recent Monday;

Rhino Times; N.C. Gen. Stat § 75-1.1: 

Why have Roy and John discontinued the 70,000 ads?

Roy Carroll and John Hammer's Rhino Times activities
points to their attempted take over of Greensboro's Political System.

How can the Rhino claim to have 70,000 weekly readers
many of which don't get read?

John Hammer is a lobbyist and propagandist
for what looks like a fellow with narcissistic and fascistic tendencies.

So are the Editorial writers for the News & Record, 
for Warren Buffett, who Roy appears to idolize.

Greensboro's population has been captured by crony interests
on both sides of the political divide.

A great example is Wilbur Ross' 
International Textile Group's years of free methane 
from the White Street Landfill, 
hoisted on taxpayers by former council member Don Vaughan, 
who profited from the deal 
with the governmental/regulatory defense of Mayor Nancy Vaughan 
as a city council member on the Solid Waste Task-force
which has been written about on blogs over and over
without rebuttal from the Vaughan's or City Staff
or our local compromised press.

City Council and staff don't give a shit 
as long as they reap the benefits, 
as Greensboro's taxpayers pick up Roy and John's advertising bills
on top of the public notice money the News & Record takes in.

The City's mayor and key council members 
are assigned talking points from Roy, John, Jim Melvin and others
who aim to extract economic rents from taxpayers
via City management.

Any company looking to do business here, 
who has done any research, 
will find Greensboro inhospitable 
unless Rhino Times advertisements are purchased
and payments are made to the campaign funds
of the local Oligarch's pawns playing politics
including Mayor Nancy Vaughan, Zack Matheny, 
Mike Barber, Tony Wilkins, Nancy Hoffmann etc...

Roy Carroll's billboard next to his Bee Safe storage business
used to says the Rhino Times has over 70,000 readers for each issue.

After some rough math 
which both Roy Carroll and John Hammer declined comment on, 
I found it likely the Rhino has been misleading Greensboro's taxpayers,
as Matt Brown runs a weekly Coliseum ad.

If City taxpayers are paying for Rhino ads
under the impression they reach 70,000 readers weekly
 and it's not true, 
taxpayers and the Rhino's advertisers are overpaying via false advertising.

Inflating circulation is a form of theft, 
as advertising rates are based largely on circulation.

The City of Greensboro 
and anyone else doing business with Roy Carroll 
should immediately suspend any advertising, 
payments or barter agreements with the Rhino
until this issue is cleared up.