Thursday, June 11, 2015

An Interesting PIRT Request

Recently, while searching through the City of Greensboro's public information requests I found something rather interesting involving properties owned by the Greensboro Housing Authority. I sent the following e-mail to several friends, members of the media and City Council Members including Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan but have yet to hear any reply:

"Check Out This Public Information Request

The woman who sent it works here:

That property is owned by the Greensboro Housing Authority and is part of Patio Place Apartments-- one of the 2 city owned low income housing projects next door to the Bessemer Shopping Center where the RCC is working to build the grocery store.

Is the City involved in a law suit?

About to be involved in a law suit?
Is the city planning to sell the apartments to developers perhaps the same way Heritage Green (aka Heritage House) was privatized and later taken back by the city?

Are we about to relive the past?

Does Calvin Graham still live there? Does he know about his unclaimed bonds?,+NC,+27405/GRAHAM,+CALVIN+ADOLPH/38158878.html
No mention of any fires at that address-- why would a 3rd party real estate investigator be looking for info on fire code violations?"

Are city leaders planning to privatize ownership of Claremont Courts-- perhaps a favor to some connected developer who probably won't maintain the newly refurbished apartments there? If so, who and what is this developer's connection to Greensboro City Council?

It's not uncommon for third party real estate investigators to ask the city for records concerning property as potential buyers, insurance companies and lending companies all need to know this kind of information before a sale is made. For example: PIRT #4612 for 105 E Florida St  Greensboro NC   "O'Neal Steel Company but when real estate investigators start asking for information on City owned properties it begs the question: What haven't they told us?

Mayor Vaughan? Anyone? Are we looking at a potential second Heritage House in our future? Are city owned rental properties about to be sold off? Is there a plan to dismantle the Greensboro Housing Authority? Is Don Vaughan involved?