Tuesday, June 23, 2015

How To Thoroughly Inspect A Building Without Going Inside

Thoroughly inspecting a building for code violations without ever setting foot inside is impossible, right? Not if you're the mighty, mercenary code enforcement inspector Ben Holder, hired last year by the City of Greensboro at the insistence of Councilman Mike Barber and Mayor Nancy Vaughan at a cost of $60 an hour to inspect the now condemned Heritage House Condominiums. According to Mr Holder all you have to do is turn on your computer and "utilizing the "Control F" technique and the term "smoke Detector" while reading Chapter 11 of the Greensboro Housing Code"

Seriously folks, I couldn't make up this kind of corruption if I tried. Ben Holder was hired by the city of Greensboro to find properties that weren't up to code. Instead he spent his 20 hours a week at $60 an hour sitting at home doing searches on his computer of the records of the work that the real code enforcement officers had already done.

And Ben Holder has about 1 year of experience as an actual code enforcement officer compared to those he is criticizing who have decades.