Thursday, June 18, 2015

John Hammer Lies For John Blust

Update: After having badgered Mr Blust in online discussions for several hours and seeing his explanations for everything I could throw at him I now believe Mr Blust truthful in saying a 3rd party mistakenly changed his company's website and that it was corrected as quickly as Mr Blust was made aware of the mistake.

Extensive searches of the web have provided no evidence that Representative Blust has represented himself as a Certified Public Accountant in North Carolina even though he meets the qualifications.

Begin original post.

The following screen grab was taken from today's Sound of the Beep in this week's Rhino Times:

As you can see the Editor's note clearly claims that Representative John Blust does not claim to be a CPA. But that's because John Hammer is only telling half the story in deliberately covering for John Blust.

You see, it was on August 14, 2014 Representative John Blust Masquerading As A CPA when first confirmed with a screenshot from the website of Ivey, McClellan, Gatton & Talcott, LLP.that John Blust had claimed to be a certified public accountant:

Now why is it that John Hammer cannot be trusted to report the truth? And why would Representative John Blust lie about being a certified public accountant?