Thursday, August 20, 2015

Chancellor Of UNCG Or Chancelor Of A Kingdom?

Rumor has it that the newly appointed Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr and his wife are not happy with their accommodations at the Bryan House in Greensboro's Irving Park.

Now I know nobody believes me but nobody believed me when I said the former Chancellor Linda Brady was responsible for drumming out the UNCG-3 and that turned out to be true. As a matter of fact: I broke that story before Greensboro's main stream media even found out there was a problem at UNCG, remember?

 But I'm wrong sometimes.

Anyway, I'm being told the Gilliams are asking for $250,000 in new furniture, a new car, chauffeur, cook, maid and butler to support their lavish lifestyle.

Am I the only one with concerns about public school administrators and their wives living like royalty. Even our Mayor who happens to be their neighbor and I admittedly don't hold in high regard, does not live such a lavish lifestyle. I happen to know for a fact she drives her personally owned car most everywhere she goes.

Did Mr and Mrs Gilliam enjoy such perks when he served at UCLA.

Anyway, I'm sure the offices at the University of North Carolina Greensboro are about to be flooded with Public Information Requests as journalists all over this city read every time our RSS Feed flashes.

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