Friday, August 21, 2015

UNCG Chancellor Rumor Grows Legs

Yesterday when I wrote Chancellor Of UNCG Or Chancelor Of A Kingdom? I knew so little about UNCG Chancellor Franklin D. Gilliam, Jr that I had to google to verify that he is the new chancellor of UNCG.

And I still hope the rumors about him are wrong.

But here are some facts about Mr Gilliam and his time as the Dean at UCLA:

"Franklin D. Gilliam Jr., dean of the Luskin School of Public Affairs, has billed UCLA for roughly $17,000 in premium airfares since September 2008, when he started the job. His doctor’s note cites a medical disability that requires business-class accommodations for extended travel – including trips to the East Coast, Midwest and Australia.

Gilliam also has used the note to justify using a car service. An expense report for 2009 limousine rides between Gilliam’s home and the airport said that “because of Dean Gilliam’s disability, it is recommended that he travel with business class arrangements to allow change of positions.”

Now folks, just so you know, myself and almost every member of my extended family suffers from a medical condition that requires us to changes positions. It has a long name I can never remember and can cause blood clots in our legs that result in death when the clots reach our hearts. What have every one of our dozens of doctors told us to do about it? Stand up and walk around a few steps every 2 hours. Get up and go to the bathroom. And don't sit with your legs crossed.

I've known I had it for 20 years.

Now in case you don't believe the blogger I linked to because everyone likes to say, "Well he's just a blogger," here's the Center for Investigative Reporting, UCLA officials bend travel rules with first-class flights, luxury hotels  where they not only have paid professional journalists but editors and copy editors who sign off publicly on their stories making them far more accountable than any of our local main stream media rags.

I hope I'm wrong but looking at this guy's track record in the first place, why was he ever hired?