Saturday, August 15, 2015

Greensboro Women, What Would You Do If You Were Married To A Pimp?

Warning: A lot of you are not going to like what the pictures posted below represent or the subject of this article. They are part of an investigation I've been looking into for a few years now involving some of Greensboro's most powerful players.

Let's imagine you are a powerful Irving Park woman who moves in the highest circles in Greensboro and are married to a powerful man who owns substantial interested in a San Jose, Costa Rica strip club, casino and brothel. And let's imagine you have a daughter only slightly younger than the girls who work in his club.

For the record, prostitution is legal in Costa Rica but operating brothels and advertising for prostitution are both illegal there. These photographs were taken inside the "gentleman's" Greensboro office. Click on any of them to view full size.

Now let's imaging your husband makes monthly trips to his strip club, casino and brothel in Costa Rica while leaving you at home. The club is called Hollywood Gold and Google can provide you lots of information about it:

If you'll research those Google links I provided you'll note that  Hollywood Gold does appear to be advertising and that all of Costa Rica's strip clubs appear to be brothels. Hollywood Gold is also known as a very rough place with a number of shootings and murders there. Go ahead, look it up for yourself.

Would you stand by your man?

Would you be concerned that he's having sex with other women?

Would you be concerned he might bring back diseases of the worst kind?

Would you be worried that he might see your beautiful little girl as an object for sex?

That's right, there's a second club in Jaco. More on that later.

Or give her a disease she would carry for a lifetime?

Since he's technically breaking no US laws would you call Costa Rican authorities and report him? Get him extradited to Costa Rica to stand trial?

Would you become another Lorena Bobbit? The sheer thought of it was always enough to keep mine in my pants.

Would you expose him to the entire City of Greensboro then file for divorce taking everything he owns?

Or would you live with it like this lady has done, high on the hog living the good life while girls hardly any older than her own daughter are sold into prostitution and human slavery in another country, without a shred of decency left to her name, her entire grand life a big dirty facade?

So tell me ladies, what would you do?

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