Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What Are They Hiding?

Yesterday, Monday, August 17, 2015 I submitted the following Public Information Request to the City of Greensboro using the title, Lost.


On the 6th of April 2010 the Greensboro City Council went into closed session as noted here: http://greensboro.granicus.com/DocumentViewer.php?file=greensboro_34d125f6194d09ad6bfd71e489e8a6f1.pdf&view=1

"Councilmember Bellamy-Small moved to adjourn into closed session to discuss certain personnel matters; to consult with and receive advice from the City Attorney and to discuss claims; and to consult with legal counsel concerning pending litigation in the following actions: Horsepen Village v. Kotis Properties and the COG, (09 CvS 8185); City of Greensboro v. Sugar Bares, Darryl McCarroll, Clarence Jernigan (10 CVS 3123) (Lost Dimensions); and to consider confidential information pursuant to NCGS 160A-168; NCGS 132-1.4 (Investigations). The motion was seconded by Councilmember Wade and adopted by voice vote of Council."

As it has been 5 years and the case against Darryl McCarroll has since been settled I would like all minutes, recordings, documents and videos of the Closed session.

Thanks -Billy"

I got to wondering about this guy, Darryl McCarroll, because he is one of the front men for the brothel in Costa Rica with connections to Irving Park I made mention of the other day. Not the owner, the front man-- the owner on paper.

You see, why does it take Greensboro so long to close a problem business that is clearly breaking the law? And 5 years in court? Could it be because our City Council is protecting someone, our Irving Park elites, business leaders or possibly even elected leaders?

You see, the case was closed just last week, over 5 long years after the death of Carlton Smith, but that wasn't the first time Darryl McCarroll had blood on his hands and it wouldn't be the last:

If you can't read the photo then click on it to view it full size then ask yourself, is Greensboro being used as cover for international gangsters while our leaders look the other way?

I wonder what kinds of excuses they'll give me for not providing the information I requested. I've already read the statutes cited and can assure you they don't apply to City Councils.

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