Monday, August 10, 2015

More Questions Concerning Our Mayor's Business Partner

On September 24, 2014 I asked, Heritage House: Still No Mention of Paul Mengert concerning those strange checks written to the City of Greensboro on behalf of the Heritage House Homeowners Association from an account managed by Paul Mengurt, Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan's business partner.

Earlier today a commenter known to me only as Robin Hood left the following comment on said post:

"Now what are the Paul and May Gayle MENGERT / ASSOCIATION MANAGEMENT GROUP (AMG) and their attorney Steve E. Black oF ROSSABI, BLACK & SLAUGHTER up to?

After questions arose in February 2015 and possible fraud in Association Financial statements provided by AMG, 2 weeks later Mr. Black was registering with the NC Secretary of State for identical and indistinguishable BUSINESS Corporations for several well established NON PROFIT HOAs managed by AMG, including the following Associations "in process":

Dover Villas Homeowners Association, Inc. (S. Black)
Kings Creek Property Homeowners Association, Inc. (S. Black)
Porters Landing Property Homeowners Association, Inc. (S. Black)
Trillium Townhome Owners Association, Inc. (S. Black)
Breckinridge Association, Inc. (S. Black)

Partners T. Keith Black and James Slaughter are also suddenly applying for Biz Corps for non profit Associations. After reviewing over 12,000 SoS HOA Corporations, these are the ONLYREPAIRS Associations that will have Business Corporations in addition to their anon Profit Status ... and all "in progress" at the exact same time. What are they up too?"

Does this prove anything? No, but if local media outlets are interested in doing real journalism they'll be looking into the story.

You can easily verify this yourself by clicking on the NC Secretary of State Website and searching for yourself. Send me the links when you find out.