Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Robin Hood Returns To Greensboro: Updated

Yesterday I posted More Questions Concerning Our Mayor's Business Partner
Today Robin Hood leaves me the following message:

"Hi !

Thanks for printing my note about the Mengerts and Biz Corporations. Apologies for all the typos!

Our Association has some serious issues and AMG, Mengerts, and Steve Black - all are under investigation by the WSPD (report #1157576) and the IRS. Mr. Black is also under a separate investigation by the NC Bar.

I have a .jpeg of all the SoS biz corps in progress by theses monkeys. If you want to contact me at (e-mail redacted), I'll send it right out to you.... Or let me know how to upload it to you here.

Robin Hood
"Taking back from the rich what they took from the poorer." 

Update: Tuesday, 4:38 PM: Robin Hood sends the first .jpg file taken from the NC Secretary of State website: Click on the image to view full size.

Things are about to get very messy for Paul Mengurt and his business partners Donald Vaughan and Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan right here at election time.

And that check Nancy Vaughan lied to me about still looms:

Please share, Dear readers, every citizen of Greensboro and North Carolina needs to know of the activities of Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan and her husband senator Donald R Vaughan.

Imagine, the mighty Robin Hood teamed up with Billy Jones, your friendly freelance, neighborhood Tyrannicide and the rest of the team here at EzGreensboro.com.