Sunday, August 23, 2015

What Is The Actual Cost To UNCG And Taxpayers?

On Thursday when I wrote Chancellor Of UNCG Or Chancelor Of A Kingdom? I only talked about the Gilliams asking for $250,000 in new furniture, a new car, chauffeur, cook, maid and butler to support their lavish lifestyle.

No doubt it will be a few days at least before the uproar of a tiger in the woods in a local golf tournament dies down and our local media finally gets around to doing research on the story but in the interim an even bigger question comes up.

It has been suggested to me that perhaps these lavish expenses on behalf of Chancellor Gilliam and his wife-- if they are true-- are to be paid for with private donations and that makes everything fine and dandy.

Except that it doesn't.

You see, if this is really happening then UNCG employees, aka state employees, are being asked to spend their taxpayer funded time to provide for the securing of $250,000 in new furniture, a new car, chauffeur, cook, maid and butler.

How long will that take? One man hour? 100 man hours?

And isn't that exactly what the UNCG-3 were improperly fired for in the first place? Improper use of State equipment on taxpayers' time.

So are the Gilliams doing this themselves? On their own time? From home? On privately owned computers?

Or is this yet another case of different rules for those at the top?

And what will the actual cost to UNCG be?