Friday, August 14, 2015

Yvonne Johnson's 3 Year Lie

I guess it's normal for politicians to say anything just to get a vote. Especially when they think nothing will ever come of it. Take for instance Greensboro's former mayor, now City Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson who for 3 long years promised the owners of Greensboro's almost historic Bessemer Curb Market that the Greensboro City Council and the City of Greensboro would help to foot the bill to fund repairs that would bring the 63 year old business up to modern health codes and keep open one of the few grocery stores left in one of Greensboro's largest food deserts.

But after 3 years of telephone calls to Councilwoman Johnson who continually promised to help then always shuffled them off to city managers and other city employees who did nothing, Ronda Brown and her husband were finally getting sick and tired of waiting. They pushed harder and Councilwoman Johnson agreed to take their problem before the entire Greensboro City Council.

Greensboro City Council meetings are usually on Tuesday nights but because National Night Out is on a Tuesday night Council met on Monday, August 3, 2015. Ronda watched the entire meeting on live television to see what the Council's decision would be hoping for some sort of matching grant or other arrangement like had been promised by Councilwoman Johnson.

When the meeting adjourned that night no one had ever uttered the words, "Bessemer Curb Market."

When Ronda saw Mrs Johnson again she questioned her about what happened. Correction: When Ronda's husband, Harold called Mrs Johnson explained that she had privately polled the other council members before the meeting and that there wasn't enough support for the market. Councilwoman Johnson said that Councilman Mike Barber was very much against helping the Bessemer Curb Market.

Ronda decided to find out so she sent a text message to Councilman Barber. Click on the photo to view it full size.

As a matter of fact I challenge anyone to show me where the Bessemer Curb Market has previously been placed on the Greensboro City Council Agenda.

I also have a much longer conversation with Councilman Tony Wilkins where he also indicated he was never made aware of any effort to save Bessemer Curb Market.

I realize a lot of my readers are against any kind of government handouts to business but that isn't the real issue here. The real issue is political pandering, lying, on the part of Yvonne Johnson just to curry favor with a handful of people at Bessemer Curb Market. If Yvonne Johnson will lie about something like this what else will she lie about? The circumstances surrounding her husband's disbarment perhaps? Would she lie about that as well?

And then there's all those e-mails Ronda exchanged with Councilman Jamal Fox who also promised to help but never did a thing.

Funny thing is: a few months ago Ronda had never heard of us here at Oh sure, now Councilmembers won't talk to her but they weren't helping her anyway-- why should she care? One by one as Greensboro's elites screw Greensboro's working class the working class finds this website and passes the evidence along to us. And we tell the stories the bought and paid for main stream media won't tell.

Already we've toppled a mayor, exposed IRS frauds, stopped a $1.9 Million Dollar City giveaway based on a fraudulent feasibility study, forced a top university leader into an early "retirement" exposed land grabs and more. Just think what we'll be able to do as more and more of Greensboro's working class discover us.

And discover us they will. Ronda works late nights as a researcher for The Truth Traveler Radio Show,  a worldwide broadcast on the  Genesis Communications Network which has featured some EzGreensboro stories recently.

Ronda has a petition at Bessemer Curb Market that has been signed by over 3000 people who want the City of Greensboro to help. If you agree the City should keep a promise to them you should go by and sign the petition.

Remember: don't make promises you don't intend to keep.