Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Paul Mengurt, Association Management Group And His Tricks

Perhaps you've heard of Paul Mengurt. He is or was head of the Guilford County Democratic Party. He has a seat on the board of directors at Piedmont International Airport. He owns a property management company called AMG that was at one time doing property management for Heritage House in Greensboro.

And he's a business partner of Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan and her husband retired state Senator Donald Vaughan in a company called VM LLC.

According to, Paul Mengurt is also the owner of Adams Plumbing in Winston-Salem. Yep, took a screen grab just in case it changes:

Now I also found an interesting Google result that refers to a 3+ Plumbing in Pineville, North Carolina and mentions Mr Mengurt. By the way, AMG has a Charlotte office as well.

 Now there is no law against owning a property management company and a plumbing company. That is, unless you are using your own plumbing company to inflate the bills your property management company charges back to the homeowners associations you are managing the properties for.

And as it just so happens the Winston-Salem Police Department has Paul Mengurt in court right now for allegedly having done that very thing. Seems Mr Mengurt is an investor in plumbing companies, remodeling companies and even paving companies. The WSPD have assigned it Case # 1157576. I wrote about it before in my post Robin Hood Returns To Greensboro.

As a matter of fact: one Mengurt company, Cactx Surfaces was seen repainting the faux brick pedestrian crossings in front of Greensboro's Melvin Municipal Building on Washington Street just this morning.

As one city employee voiced to me, "Looks like the city could be doing that."

That was before I told him about the connections to our Mayor.

By the way, it was then City Councilman Donald Vaughan (our Mayor's husband) who first appointed Paul Mengurt to the PTI Board of Directors.

But wait, that's not all. Even though Mengurt is or was the Chairman of the Guilford County Democratic Party he is responsible for funneling over $51,000 in dark money to then Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis:

 "Three property management executives filed the paperwork to create the Alliance for Better Communities in July 2012. Paul Mengert is president of Association Management Group in Greensboro. John Stone is president of Community Association Management in Pinehurst. Chris Gilleland is president of William Douglas Management in Charlotte."

Now do you think for even a minute that Mengurt's business partners, Vaughan and Vaughan, both Democrats, didn't know what he was up to? The entire time Nancy Barakat Vaughan claimed to be fighting to save Greensboro's RUCO (Rental Unit Certificate of Occupancy) ordinance her business partner was paying legislators in Raleigh to kill it.

And some people still think the current Greensboro City Council should be reelected. Seriously?