Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Why Did Yvonne Johnson Appoint Lisa Tonkins?

A lot of us are very happy that the Greensboro City Council has chosen to allow Participatory Budgeting here in Greensboro but we can't help but wonder if perhaps the Participatory Budgeting Committee is rigged before the process begins.

You see, Councilwoman Yvonne Johnson nominated and the City Council approved Lisa Johnson-Tomkins to a position on the Participatory Budgeting Committee and it just so happens that besides being former Guilford County Assistant District Attorney and current Guilford County Clerk of Court, Lisa Tonkins is Yvonne Johnson's daughter.

Now given Lisa's roll in her mother and father's scandals I cannot help but wonder if the game is already rigged.

And it's not really participatory budgeting if the game is already rigged.

To do the right thing you must first do the right thing. Lisa, her mother and father all have a documented history of putting their own interests before the interests of those they serve.