Saturday, October 17, 2015

Media Hides Zack Methany DWI Story

As I reported in Not Zack Methany's First DWI...Well this wasn't Zack Matheny's first DWI. I even posted Zack's criminal record to prove it. And his previous DWI.

But in this latest story from WFMY TV 2, Zack Matheny Charged With DWI they make no mention of Mr Methany's previous DWI.

It also says Zack Matheney was arrested but not placed in jail but those of us who watched WFMY TV2 this morning saw a report that stated that the arresting officer gave Zack Matheny a ride home.

Perhaps that's why the WFMY video is no longer available to watch:

Now let's take a look at what the News & Record's Allen Johnson has to say in his piece, SUV, DWI and DGI spell trouble for Matheny.

Seriously, Allen Johnson has the audacity to make Zack Matheny out to be a hero for being a stupid drunk womanizer.Owning up to mistakes is one thing. But owning up to mistakes then repeating those mistakes only to get away with them... That's criminal.

Here at we have requested the following documents from the Greensboro Police Department:

*Arrest Ticket
*Incident Report
*911 CAD of the call The CAD will confirm to us if any transporting was done. 
*Audio of the 911 call
*Copy of the citation

Here's why we're asking for all those things. We are being told off the record by Greensboro Police Officers that while Zack Matheny was given a portable breathalyzer test he was never transported downtown or to a hospital for a more accurate blood alcohol test.

Our courts have previously ruled that while portable breathalyzers can be used as probable cause for arrest, they are not admissible in court. In other words, even with Zack Methany's admission, his attorney Amil Rossabi can get him off the hook. From The U.S. Supreme Court Rules That Blood Tests for Drunk Driving Suspects Require a Search Warrant:

" The U.S. Supreme Court recently decided the case of Missouri v. McNeely.  In McNeely, a majority of the Court rejected the idea of a “per se” exigent circumstances exception to the warrant requirement for blood tests in drunk-driving cases.  That is, the Court held that police may not automatically order a blood test on someone whom they have lawfully arrested for DWI (driving while intoxicated) but must instead seek a warrant, absent a reason to skip the warrant—a reason that goes beyond the simple fact that blood-alcohol-concentration diminishes with the passage of time."

It's blood tests, not breathalyzers that win DWI convictions. But according to certain GPD officers Zack Methany was transported home by the arresting officer under orders, without ever being transported downtown or to the hospital where a blood test could be administered.

So to those of you who still are in the habit of drinking a bit too much: If you happen to get stopped by GPD remain calm and politely tell the officer, "I want the same deal GPD gave Zack."

It's called equal protection under the law.

And folks, I think as citizens we should all demand media coverage of Zack Methany's trial in order to force the DA to actually try the case because every officer I'm talking to is telling me Zack will never see a court room.