Thursday, October 22, 2015

N&R Confirms Bediz Innocent

A month ago I wrote Bulent Bediz Found Innocent concerning his January 2015 charge for having allegedly assaulted a Greensboro Police Officer. Of course, Greensboro's status quo would prefer you didn't believe me.

Well today the News & Record reports:

“The officer told the judge ... he tried to remove Bediz from the vehicle to prevent him from driving away in a vehicle he knew was expired,” Neumann said. “The judge apparently felt the officer didn’t have the right to remove him.”

The case was heard by Guilford County District Court Judge Jan Samet.

“Judge Jan Samet did the right thing under the state and federal constitutions,” Bediz’s attorney Seth Cohen said."

There is in-fact no law against sitting in your own car which is all Mr Bediz did. By attempting to remove Mr Bediz from his car the officer assaulted Mr Bediz.

Now Brian Clarey of Triad City Beat, where's your ace reporter Eric Ginsburg on this case of police violence? Oh wait, that's right, you and Eric, Shit for Brains Ginsburg work for the same people as the dirty cops.

You want good cops in Greensboro? You have to throw out the City Council to get them.