Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Say Yes to Education Red Flag; Mary Vigue; She is about to be in charge of more than $25 million for a 'non-profit' after shafting City of Greensboro employees out of investment fee cuts

"Say Yes to Education taps local leaders for its Guilford chapter

To pay her tuition and minimize her college debt, Mary Vigue took classes in the mornings and worked the late shift at a gas station in Florida.

She said she worked three different jobs her senior year.

It will be interesting to see what Say Yes to Education's cut is
of all that money for college students.

“I know what it’s like to work for my education,” Vigue said.

That experience is one way Vigue said she would be able to relate to the thousands of students she stands to help in her new role as executive director of Say Yes Guilford.

Say Yes Guilford is now suspect
after announcing the hiring of someone of limited moral ethics
concerning the beneficiaries of the money donated.

Say Yes to Education, the New York-based nonprofit organization, announced Vigue’s hiring Monday. Her official start date is Nov. 16.


The News and Record won't look into it,
as they refused to look into Greensboro's retirement plan
which the City ended up fixing with low cost index funds.

How Jim Westmoreland, Mary Vigue and ICMA-RC's lobbyists shafted Greensboro's employees


George Hartzman believes City of Greensboro Manager Jim Westmorland and Assistant Manager Mary Vigue violated the City's Code of Ethics


Where is the $25 million donated to Say Yes Guilford?

From what I have found so far, Mary Vigue and Jim Westmoreland amongst others, betrayed City of Greensboro employees by regurgitating ICMA-RC's message of leave the plan fees and options unchanged.


If the $25 million is invested in high cost, low performing investments, 
Mary Vigue will have had a hand in stealing, again, 
from those she was charged to represent and act in the best interests of,
which may have been why she was hired for the position.

Westmoreland and Vigue have acted in the best interests of a retirement plan company connected to their management association instead of the employees they are supposed to represent.


ICMA member Mary Vigue misled the City Council members who were there, while ICMA member Jim Westmoreland looked on indifferently.

ICMA-RC pays ICMA to use the municipal management organization's credibility and connections with decision makers to fleece most of more than a million participants invested in about 9,000 retirement plans.


In a News & Record letter to the editor, Hartzman wrote “City Manager Jim Westmoreland and Assistant City Manager Mary Vigue worked to prevent lower costs.” Hartzman believes a conflict exists as both Westmoreland and Vigue are members of ICMA, which created ICMA-RC in 1972. Both organizations reside in the same building in Washington, D.C., and share board members.

...In January, the city held three meetings for small groups of City Council members and ICMA lobbyists on the subject, not open to the public or press. Hartzman contends the issues he’s raised weren’t addressed in these meetings. He states that his “math has been confirmed by a former ICMA-RC employee and retirement plan benefit specialists employed for municipalities other than the city who also do business with ICMA-RC.”

I participated in a conference call led by Vigue, which included three other city staffers. I asked about the recent “closed door” meetings. Vigue said that she wouldn’t call the meetings “closed door,” but they were just “small group” meetings. She explained, “It’s easier, generally, to get on council’s calendar and to walk through some complicated information because this information is complicated.”


Assistant City Manager Mary Vigue stated the City did not have control over the fund line; that the plan had been reviewed; and that staff continued to look at it.


We certainly don't want Jim Westmoreland, Mary Vigue, Connie Hammond, Donnie Turlington, Rick Lusk or Larry Davis to know who we are.


An email from Greensboro City Council mayoral candidate Devin King to the City's Jim Westmoreland, David Parrish, Chris Wilson, Wesley Reid and Mary Vigue

The representatives from ICMA-RC, affiliated with Jim Westmoreland, Mary Vigue and Jamal Fox, are selling a much more expensive retirement plan solution in pre-retirement meetings for City employees.  A "group annuity", which costs more than twice what the average of funds cost in the plan, would go way up in price if the City were to move away from ICMA-RC.

The City has set its own employees up and allowed them to be plundered, along with a threat which would penalise who knows how many if the money is ever moved away.

Westmoreland, Vigue and Connie Hammond let this happen.

City Council went along after being informed of the shortcomings.

They betrayed the City's employees without repercussion, and the News and Record and the Rhino Times let them.


"Civil Response in writing please" ICMA members Jim Westmoreland and Mary Vigue trying to play Greensboro mayoral candidate Devin King for a fool, and losing

Not once has the City of Greensboro
provided written answers to questions
asked by City employees, Tony Wilkins and now Devin King.

What Jim, Mary and City Council are trying to do
is shut Devin up, to the detriment of City employees.


ICMA-RC is not considered a fiduciary
for Greensboro's employees,
letting City Management including Jim Westmoreland,
Mary Vigue, members of ICMA,
mislead and overcharge City participants
with the active help of ICMA member Jamal Fox
and the rest of City Council.

ICMA-RC doesn't act in the best interests
of the City of Greensboro's employees,
but the best interests of ICMA-RC
with the help of Jim Westmoreland,
Mary Vigue, Connie Hammond, Rick Lusk, Larry Davis
and Jamal Fox.


The City of Greensboro lied
in response to a public records request,
has been caught red handed,
and our local press won't report it
for the benefit of local City executives
and entrenched City Council incumbents
to the detriment of City employees
and they are going to get away with it
because it may harm the financial industry's profit margins.


This is what winning reads like for those who oppose the status quo; City of Greensboro ICMA-RC 457 retirement plan edition