Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Why Is Joe Killian Of The News & Record Covering Up Devin King's Near Fatal Accident?

Joe Killian And The Dark Money Trail

On October 4 Devin King's mother posted the following to Facebook:

Ms King is Devin King's mother. For those who don't know, Devin King is running for Mayor of Greensboro having beat out Sal Leone in the primary. On October 5 I posted the following to Facebook as a joke.

But the fact is, Sal Leone really did have a life threatening wreck, Joe Killian blogged it and I've got the accident report. What Joe Killian didn't report is that after Sal crawled out the back window of his car because the front of his car was jammed shut after being smashed under the tractor-trailer he rendered first aid to the motorcyclist saving his life. And Sal just blew it off telling me, "That's what cops are trained to do."

On October 8 Devin King posted the following to his Facebook page. Here we establish that Joe Killian of the News & Record has knowledge of the accident.

 I watched the News & Record but nary a word was reported day after day after day. 9 days and counting and not a word has been written about Devin King's nearly fatal accident in which Greensboro Police cannot explain, find no fault on the part of Mr King and say neither speed nor weather nor operator error are contributing factors.

And no one can explain what happened to the missing rear bumper cover-- the one piece of evidence that might tell all.

To be continued in Part 2: Joe Killian And The Dark Money Trail