Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Joe Killian And The Dark Money Trail

Yesterday I asked Why Is Joe Killian Of The News & Record Covering Up Devin King's Near Fatal Accident?  I just couldn't understand why 9 days had passed with nary a word in the News & Record about Devin King's accident. And today makes the 10th day I've been unable to find any story concerning Devin King's accident.

We finally got Joe Killian to explain himself yesterday:

Substantiate? How about you pull the police report Joe? That's how real reporters do it.

Photographs? The News & Record doesn't employ photographers any more? I see photographs in the News & Fishwrap every day credited to staff photographers.

Unable to get in contact with Mr King? Did you try Cone fucking Hospital? That's where Devin King has been most of the time since his accident and no he does not have a broken neck and is expected to make a full recovery if henchmen working for Marty Kotis and Mayor Vaughan don't kill him first.

Besides, don't we read news articles about accidents every day in which the victims were never interviewed? You're damned straight we do!  As a matter of fact here is a link to 1 full year of wreck reporting by the News & Record proving Joe Killian is full of shit!

By the way, for those of you who called Cone Hospital and were told there was no Devin King registered there. And several of you told me you did.  That is common practice when Greensboro Police believe someone has been the victim of an attempted murder. Or in this case, an attempted political assassination.

Joe Killian, aka Joseph Fredrick Wilbur, is deliberatly hiding the story of Devin King's "accident" why? Police reports indicate the road was dry, Devin was driving 55 miles per hour on Interstate 40 near Colliseum Blvd when apparently for no reason police can explain the car spun around backwards, left the road in reverse and slammed into a sign.

But the rear bumper cover-- a key piece of evidence-- remains missing and despite the fact that I have contacted the entire city council, city manager and police attourny no one will talk about it. Could it be they're all trying to make sure nothing gets in the way of Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan's reelection? Is Joe Killian and the News & Record in on it too?

I know, it's too many people for a conspiracy but it's not a conspiracy. It's people doing what they're told because they haven't the balls to do otherwise. Pathetic little people more concerned with paychecks than the common good.

And liberals and conservatives alike wonder why the world is so fucked up.

Then there's the trail of dark money Joe Killian will never report. What dark money is that, you ask.

Well it seems out retired State Senator Donald Vaughan is still raking in campaign contributions despite the fact that he's not planning to run for office. And who did the News & Record report as the largest contributor to Mayor Nancy Vaughan's reelection campaign? None other than her husband Donald Vaughan.

Dark Money 1

Dark Money 2

Dark Money 3

Dark Money 4

Dark Money 5  Older, from 2010 but establishing Donald Vaughan's long history of illegal campaign finance.

Dark Money 6  Also from 2010

Dark Money 7 Don Vaughan's 2015 Mid Year Campaign Finance Report showing he had $2,526.67 cash on hand as of July.

Now why does Don Vaughan need campaign contributions if he's retired?  The answer, he doesn't. The real answer is in this article from Triad City Beat:

" She received the biggest gift from her husband. Don Vaughan, a lawyer and former Democratic state senator, kicked in $2,861, including $325 in-kind in the form of beer, wine and setup for a fundraiser."

- $2,526.67

Looks as if Donald Vaughan didn't contribute so much to wife Nancy's reelection campaign after all. If only Eric Ginsburg and the rest of Greensboro's main stream media were smart enough to figure it out.

And about that in-kind contribution: Does Donald Vaughan own a bar or beer and wine distributor that has never before been made public? Because in-kind contributions usually come from inventories that companies have on hand. Looks like a job for a journalist-- too bad Greensboro has none.

And yes, there will be a Part 3: Was Devin King's "Accident" Attempted Murder?