Thursday, October 15, 2015

Was Devin King's "Accident" Attempted Murder?

One Tuesday I asked, I asked Why Is Joe Killian Of The News & Record Covering Up Devin King's Near Fatal Accident?  On Wednesday I proved Joe Killian knew of Devin King's "accident" and lied as to why he never covered the story in my post  Joe Killian And The Dark Money Trail.

I also exposed Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan for illegal campaign contributions made possible by her husband Donald Vaughan.

Today we look into the police report of Devin King's accident.

But before we do that let's look at some of the suspicious things leading up to and surrounding Devin King's accident.

For starters there was an online fight earlier in the day between Devin King and Marty Kotis. The last time Marty Kotis is known to have gotten into an online fight he drove to the business owned by Jeff and Jody Martin and got into an altercation with Mr Martin there. Mr Kotis called police claiming that Jeff Martin tried to run him down with his car but perhaps Jeff Martin was just trying to get away. You see, Marty was quite successful as a kickboxer in his youth and cannot stand to lose.

Then there's Marty's dear friend Nancy Vaughan. When Nancy wanted the following check which connects her and her husband to Heritage House removed from this very blog she didn't call me. On no, she contacted Marty to set up a meeting with me.

And that check I spoke of? The address you'll see on the check just happens to be inside the same building as Donald R. Vaughan & Associates:

And the check Nancy wanted removed from my blog:

You see, if you click over to the Guilford County Real Property Search and search for 614 W Friendly Ave you'll find no such listing. Neither the property nor the building exist. But there is a property at 612 W Friendly Ave that belongs to VM LLC.

Next stop, the NC Secretary of State Corporation Search where we discover that VM LLC is owned by Donald Vaughan and Paul Mengurt.
Who is Paul Mengurt? That would be Paul K Mengurt of Association Management Group, one of the companies that managed Heritage House as evidenced by the check written from Mengurt's office but never reported by any of our local main stream media outlets.
And it just so happens 612 W Friendly Ave is also the address of Donald Vaughan & Associates.

Now you know why Nancy Vaughan wanted me to remove certain blog posts from my blog and why she asked Marty Kotis to help her set up such a meeting in the offices of Kotis Properties.

And could the fact that I long ago put those blog posts back online because Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan didn't uphold her promise to me to fully fund the Renaissance Community Co-op that Nancy might be getting nervous that the we little ants in east Greensboro just might unite against her with the we little ants in west Greensboro to vote for anybody but Nancy?

I mean, I don't know but sources close to Nancy keep telling me she is currently at the end of her chain and they're even scared to feed her. I mean, seriously, all it would take is for just one main stream media outlet to break the code of silence, write about the mystery check and Devin King would be our next mayor.

So do I think Marty Kotis tried to kill Devin King? I wasn't there, I don't know. Do I think Nancy Barakat Vaughan paid someone to take Devin out? Again, same answer.

But if you tried to contact Devin King while he was in Cone Hospital they told you he was never there. Hospitals do that when police departments tell them their patient is possibly a victim of an attempted murder. Makes it harder for the killer to go back and finish the job when he or she has to actually search hundreds of hospital rooms to find the right victim.

Finally, after 11 days Joe Killian blogged about Devin's "accident."

 And then there's the crash report I promised. For starters: GPD crash reports are encoded. Without the code you really can't make heads or tails of them. So here's a link to the book containing all the codes.

And here's a link to the accident report as filled out by GPD officer M D Royal.

Study the codes, read the accident reports then ask yourself, how many thousands of cars traveled that section of I-40 at 55 miles per hour and faster in the previous 24 hours without spinning out of control?  As a matter of fact, the police report filled out by officer M D Royal makes no mention of any reason for Devin's "loss of control." No alcohol, no drugs, no defects to the car and the car spins 180 degrees and leaves the road backwards? He just notes that the Interstate was wet.

Any why did it take Joe Killian 11 days, 2 online scoldings and being proved to be a liar to post the story to his blog but still not write an article in the newspaper? Perhaps someone should go out and crash into Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan and see how long it takes the N&R and the rest of our local media to make it a front page story.

You know, just for the sake of comparison.

And finally, where is the rear bumper cover from Devin's car?

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