Friday, October 16, 2015

Maybe It's Just Coincidence But...

Of course by now you've already heard that former Greensboro City Councilman and current head of Downtown Greensboro Inc was arrested early this morning for driving while intoxicated. Already sources are telling me there's more to the story than Fox8 is telling us and you can bet we here at will get you all the embarrassing parts the "real" media won't tell you.

"The vehicle was parked and running in the parking lot of the former Harris Teeter on North Church Street and East Cone Boulevard in Greensboro at 3:40 a.m. Friday morning, Danielsen said."

You know, like how Zack actually ran off the road and into the parking lot after passing out while driving at 3 times the legal limit for alcohol consumption. Or so we've been told by sources close to the Greensboro Police Department. The actual numbers will be in the police reports we'll show you as soon as they show us.

Speaking of police reports I've got another interesting police report to show you today.

Remember how On Tuesday I asked, I asked Why Is Joe Killian Of The News & Record Covering Up Devin King's Near Fatal Accident?  And on Wednesday I proved Joe Killian knew of Devin King's "accident" and lied as to why he never covered the story in my post  Joe Killian And The Dark Money Trail?

Well today I give you Sal Leone's near fatal accident report in which a woman named Jessica Suzanne Craven crashed first into a motorcycle then into Greensboro Mayoral Candidate Sal Leone driving Sal's Honda under the side of a tractor-trailer as reported without much detail by none other than Joe Killian, aka Joseph Fredrick Wilbur,  of the Greensboro News & Record.

Now in my post Was Devin King's "Accident" Attempted Murder? I mentioned possible connections to Marty Kotis who has contributed large sums of money to Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan's reelection campaign. Well it just so happens there's a connection to Marty Kotis in Sal's "accident" as well.

It just so happens that Jessica Suzanne Craven works for none other than John Hardister at First Carolina Mortgage and our boy Marty, aka William Marshall Kotis, III, just happens to be a very big contributor to the John Hardister political campaign.

Now that is not to say that John Hardister is in any way involved. I'm just making the point that Marty Kotis and Jessica Craven may well be acquainted. After all, First Carolina Mortgage only has one location.

And attempts to get in touch with Ms Craven by Mr Leone's insurance company have been unsuccessful. It's as if she skipped the country.

But like I said, maybe it's just coincidence but in the meantime continue reading Now It's Thessa Pickett's Turn.