Saturday, October 17, 2015

Now It's Thessa Pickett's Turn

Remember how On Tuesday I asked, I asked Why Is Joe Killian Of The News & Record Covering Up Devin King's Near Fatal Accident?  And on Wednesday I proved Joe Killian knew of Devin King's "accident" and lied as to why he never covered the story in my post  Joe Killian And The Dark Money Trail? And then yesterday before pointing out the fact that Zack Matheny had a previous DWI conviction I wrote  Maybe It's Just Coincidence But... about how Sal Leone's accident had strange similarities? Remember that?

Well yesterday it got even stranger when District 2 candidate Thessa Pickett came home to find the street closed where she lives and a car on fire in front of her house.

Yes, it says structure fire but Thessa assures me that a car was on fire in front of her house:

And people ask me why I don't run for office here in Greensboro.

Final chapter:  Joe Killian And The Dark Money Trail: Epilogue