Saturday, November 7, 2015

A New Day Beckons

Perhaps you've noticed that our blog has been renamed: EzGreensboro Development Corp.

"Working from the fringes of Greensboro politics and development to build a brighter future for Greensboro into the 21st Century and beyond."

It's time to build. We've always recognized that to prosper a city must grow from within. It is now our intentions to help facilitate that growth throughout all of Greensboro, for all of Greensboro and for everyone living in Greensboro.

Want to stamp out the corruption that empowers the Fascism that has taken control of our city? To do so you have to join us in implementing I Have A Plan To Turn Around Greensboro: Part 1 while I contact people and put together teams of volunteers and investors to move us into the actual building and investment phase that will laid out in Part 2.

No, I'm not telling you very much information. I can't. People who want things to stay the same read what I write as well. They must be kept off guard. You'll be shown ways you can help while gaining from the experience. You'll have fun doing it.

Sadly, if you can't complete Part 1 then Part 2 has no chance and you doom yourselves to many more years of what we have now and quite possibly worse.

And as always, please share.