Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Joe Killian and Amanda Lehmert; A payment to Amanda's employer from the City Joe covers for the News and Record

Joe Killian and Amanda Lehmert breaking George Hartzman's heart


Dear departing News & Record reporter Amanda Lehmert

Amanda Lehmert

Director of Financial and Professional Services Brands at RLF Communications

Joe, along with the rest of Greensboro's News and Record staff who work for Warren Buffett, who makes money on financial 'Services Brands', chose not to investigate or report on the City of Greensboro's overpriced retirement plan for more than two years, and still haven't.

Now Joe's wife Amanda, who used to cover the City, works for a vendor of the City he is supposed to cover as a journalist, supporting the efforts of the financial industry to overcharge retirement plan participants which her husband refused to report on after he said he would.

Joe told me he would report on the City's overpriced retirement plan and didn't.

I met with the News and Record's Jeff Gauger twice on the subject, he agreed with my contentions, said he would do a story, and didn't, costing thousands of his readers millions per year for the benefit of Warren Buffett.

If you want to know why corporations are allowed to mislead consumers, look to those you voted for who chose not to act, those who pay for commercial air time to media outlets who chose not to act, and the news divisions of the media outlets who profit from the advertising of businesses who mislead, who chose not to act in the best interests of their audiences for the benefit of those you voted for and the capitalist oligarchs who are playing by the rules presented/written by themselves through paid for surrogates on the field of play.

We voted for the leaders who have misled you with the help of these entities, and most don't know it, because the same folks making bank on it aren't telling the masses, who don't really give a shit as long as the game comes on at 1pm.