Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Say Hello To Nancy Vaughan's Attourny

A few days ago I wrote What's Going On With Mayor Vaughan? In it I pointed out how Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan has hired attorney Amiel Rossabi of the firm  Rossabi, Black & Slaughter to represent her in the case between Eric Robert and the City of Greensboro despite the fact that Mayor Vaughan is charged with no crimes and isn't being sued.

Are you reading, John Hammer?

What makes it even more interesting is that Rossabi, Black & Slaughter are having problems of their own that aren't completely unrelated to our dear Mayor Vaughan.

You see, Mayor Vaughan's business partner is none other than Paul Mengurt of  Association Management Group, 614 W. Friendly Ave. Greensboro, NC 27401, one of the same companies that was previously involved in the management of Heritage House. (Note the address on the check)

As it so happens Rossabi, Black & Slaughter are attorneys for Paul Mengurt in a Winston-Salem case against Sherwood West Association, Inc, a 40 year old homeowners association managed by Paul Mengurt and Association Management Group in which the Winston-Salem Police Department is pursuing criminal charges against Mr Mengurt. Yes, I am in contact with residents of the Sherwood West Condominiums in Winston-Salem and the longer I continue to write about these crooks the more people find me. That's how it works Mayor Vaughan.

And to add insult to injury Rossabi, Black & Slaughter are being investigated by the North Carolina Bar for their own involvement in the scam which for some strange reason involves creating non profit and for profit entities with the same name to represent various homeowners associations-- a process they abandoned immediately upon being informed they were under investigation by the NC Bar.

I have a link to the same document here should you find it easier to read. This was taken from the NC Secretary of State website and is available for anyone to search.

This is the woman you reelected to screw you for two more years just yesterday and the people she does business with. Bend over Greensboro, and tell me how much you like it.

By the way, folks, are you aware that a Paul Mengurt owned company is contracting to the City of Greensboro. More on that later.