Monday, November 2, 2015

What's Going On With Mayor Vaughan?

Perhaps you read in the Rhino Times that because of Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan's refusal to answer questions in a deposition, a motion of contempt has been filed against Greensboro and Mayor Vaughan.

The language is quite clear, attorney J Scott Hale, on behalf of Eric Robert, has filed the charges.

In reading the transcript of Mayor Vaughan's Deposition it's pretty easy to see why she has been charged. She allowed he Attorney Amiel Rossabi to make a complete clusterfuck of the entire event.

But Nancy Vaughan's husband, Donald Vaughan is one of the best known attorneys in the entire state of North Carolina-- why hire a two bit clown like Amiel Rossabi, best known for representing known gangsters and risk marring her own reputation when Mayor Vanghan is sleeping with a hot shot lawyer every night? Being she already had outside council plus the city legal staff, Nancy must have really been desperate to find a lawyer who would see things her way. After all, prior to the deposition Nancy had not been charged with anything and wasn't being sued.

And as John Hammer pointed out, Nancy Vaughan wasn't even the mayor when the events took place that Mr Robert is suing the city for:

"Vaughan – who was not mayor when the city received the funding and was not on the City Council during the period when the grant applications were submitted – is being deposed because she is mayor and a friend of Robert’s."

Well there is this: Donald Vaughan was on City Council when the city received the funding. And my guess is Nancy talked to Mr Robert about things Donald had told her.

And then there's this: sources close to the Mayor have told that Donald and Nancy have been sleeping in separate rooms and living separate lives since February and that Mayor Vaughan plans to announce her separation and intent to divorce Donald after the election.

If true those two things would answer all the questions.