Friday, November 13, 2015

Say Yes to Education and Say Yes Guilford are saying they are going to cover the last dollar costs between financial aid and total tuition

AVERAGE IN-STATE TUITION in North Carolina = $6,677

% CHANGE SINCE 2004 = 52%


"The net price, on average, is considerably lower than the published price. For example, the average published in-state price for tuition and fees for four-year public colleges is $9,139 per year. But the average net price — what the average family really pays — is just $3,030 per year. For private nonprofit four-year colleges, the average published price is $31,230 per year, but the average family pays just $12,360 annually."

If you graduate and get accepted to college, 
your tuition will be paid to the last dollar.

You just won a free college education. All of you. 

Susan Ladd
Greensboro's News and Record
September 17, 2015

If 4,000 students get into colleges and ask for the money, 
and North Carolina covers $842 per student, 
and Federal money covers another $3,000, 
$3,842 - $6,677 = $2,835 per Guilford County Student
which Say Yes is going to pick up the tab for every year?

$2,835 x 4,000 = $11,340,000 per year from Say Yes?

There's only about $35 million in the endowment so far,
some of which is supposed to be gifted over a series of years.

Where's all the money going to come from?
On October 3, 2015, Guilford County's Board of Education was shown a "Full Tuition Scholarship Incentive" plan, for every GCS graduate who goes to college

How the Triad Business Journal got played for chumps by Say Yes to Education and Say Yes Guilford

Say Yes to Education, Inc. (Say Yes), and Say Yes Guilford appears to be a legal Ponzi scheme and/or a Racket

Are our local Realtors saying Say Yes to Education is going to pay for everyone in Guilford County's college?