Tuesday, December 29, 2015

News 2 Kept It A Secret

On Sunday the 27th I reported Will Greensboro's Media Smell This? concerning the smell coming from Cone Mills White Oak plant as has happened so many times before.

I've always thought it strange that WFMY TV 2 never reports these strange odors as the TV Station is located closer to the mill than I am and in the direct path of the prevailing winds.

Well it just so happened that we here at EzGreensboro.com have intercepted text Twitter messages proving that Watchdog Ben Briscoe was made aware of the problem but just as the rest of the local media has failed to report it.

I'm almost 60 years old and have lived with this environmental abuse on the part of Cone Mills all my life as a resident of east Greensboro. But our local media fails to report it.

Share this post with everyone you know and demand a change. It's bad enough that our Mayor and her husband are paid $20,000 a month by Cone Mills for the free $1 Million Dollars in gas given to Cone by the City of Greensboro but must we smell their stench too?

And for those of you in the media, this blog is fast becoming a force in local news. Like it or not you will have to deal with us someday. You'd be smart to start doing some real journalism.