Sunday, January 24, 2016

Robbie Perkins Strikes Back, Part 2

From Triad City Beat:

Brian Clarey of TCB, once moaned that EzGreensboro was stealing his Google Page Rankings. I wasn't. Funny, I was still linking to his website then. If you know anything about page rankings you'll know Clarey will find my newest tricks to be devastating. But then not once did Clarey and company ever reciprocate even though reciprocating actually improves one's own page rankings. Journalists they may be but bright they're not.

 For those of you who prefer to read the text I'm referring to explicitly here's an excerpt to the article by Joanna Rutter:

"During the discussion of the item, Mark Schweibinz of Property Resources of Raleigh — represented on the floor by attorney Nathan Duggins — presented a partially executed offer of $1 million and asked the council to consider reopening the upset bid period. Council moved ahead with the vote as scheduled, though the building had been appraised by the city at $1,035,000 and Kotis made the highest offer at $900,000 in October. No one had made a higher offer during the ten-day upset bid period.

 Councilwoman Sharon Hightower had not been aware of Schweibinz’s offer until that evening, she said.

“I don’t like being slammed like that, right here,” she said."

Apparently this is all legal but it begs the question: if everything was on the up and up then why did former Mayor Robbie Perkins submit Public Information Request #5398 as I pointed out in Robbie Perkins Strikes Back?

Could it be it wasn't really Robbie Perkins? If you look again at Public Information Request #5398
you will without a doubt notice the e-mail address is and if you go to Robbie's page at NAI Piedmont you'll note the same e-mail address.

Unless we hear Robbie talking about his e-mail being hacked we can be somewhat assured Robbie Perkins believed the deal was shady enough that it needs attention.

So why would Robbie come to EzGreensboro instead of the local media? Ask Robbie. Maybe he didn't. Maybe someone else discovered the PIRT and decided to lead me to it.

John Hammer had the following to say in the Rhino Times:

"A number of people expressed interested in buying the building but didn’t know about the sale until after the upset bid process had closed.  Only one went to the expense of hiring an attorney to come to the City Council meeting and make a late offer.  The city is in no hurry to sell the building; why would the City Council consider an offer that was below the appraised value?  When the city buys property it often pays above the appraised value.

City Attorney Tom Carruthers told the City Council it could reject the bid, accept the bid or decide to accept the higher offer and leave that open for upset bids. The City Council by a unanimous vote chose to accept the $900,000 offer from Kotis."

Now we do have to keep in mind that Hammer is employed by Marty Kotis' arch nemesis, Roy Carroll who is also Robbie's biggest customer and take these things with a grain of salt. As I replied to an anonymous coward this morning:

"Well Anon, what we have here is a battle between titan developers. If we stop the flow of money to Kotis then Carroll just gets more money leaving us with the same problem as before. And there are others waiting in the wings. We must look for ways to cut off Medusa's head and kill all the snakes."

You see, I figured out a long time ago why people slip you information and few of them do it out of a burning desire for justice and equality. You see, the folks who desire justice and equality rarely get their hands on such information. And speaking of information...

 Robbie Perkins asked the following in his PIRT request:

"Please provide a copy of the marketing flyer for the above referenced property and a list of all of the brokers and brokerage firms that were mailed and emailed the flyer.  Please provide dates and times that the property was shown to prospects and provide a list of the potential buyers of the property.  Also, please provide a copy of the appraisal for the property."

Here are the replies he was given:

"Comments from: John Gribble ON 1/19/2016 12:39:55 PM
FOR Engineering and Inspections
I have asked Ted Partrick for feedback on 1-19-2016 and I will post once received. I do ask for City Legal to review prior to release.
Comments from: John Gribble ON 1/21/2016 1:55:50 PM
FOR Engineering and Inspections
I have uploaded the documents provided by Engineering Division Manager and approved by City Legal.
Comments from: Mary McCollough ON 1/21/2016 4:50:29 PM
The attached documents and the following were sent to the requestor.
From: McCollough, Mary On Behalf Of Email, Inforequests
Sent: Thursday, January 21, 2016 4:50 PM
To: 'Robbie Perkins'
Subject: Public records request (PIRT #5398), regarding the sale of the Dorothy Bardolph Building

Dear Mr. Perkins: 
Thank you for your public records request (PIRT #5398), regarding the sale of the Dorothy Bardolph Building.
Please find the attached public record responsive to your request.
I hope this information is helpful to you. Should you have any further requests, please contact Katherine Carter, Public Records Administrator at 336-373-3282 or by email at
~ Mary~
Mary McCollough, Executive Secretary
Office of City Manager
City of Greensboro"

All of those attachments can be found in  Robbie Perkins Strikes Back?

Nowhere is there "a list of all of the brokers and brokerage firms that were mailed and emailed the flyer" and yet the Memo from Ted Partrick, Engineering Manager, Engineering & Inspections Department to David Parrish Assistant City Manager states:

"Seven potential buyers approached Property Management with interest in the property.."

 Who were those 7 potential buyers and why did City staff fail to answer Mayor Perkins' question? All communications with city officials are public information unless deemed to fit under state laws concerning confidentiality and if the information was confidential then why wasn't that cited as is always done in such matters?

And as you can see in the notes above it was reviewed by City Legal and released.

Mayor Perkins asked for:

" Please provide dates and times that the property was shown to prospects..."

Wasn't there either. They didn't even mention it. Nor did the City reply to the next part of the Mayor's request:

"a list of the potential buyers of the property."

Could it be because such information does not exist? And does such information not exist because there were no such persons or firms?

Ask Mayor Perkins what he thinks.

If such information was available then the City chose to keep it hidden from Mayor Perkins but in keeping said information hidden it reinforces the idea that no such information exists. And if no such information exists then someone obviously lied in order to make it easier to sell the City owned Dorothy Bardolph Building to Developer Marty Kotis.

Ask Mayor Nancy Barakat "Grasshopper" Vaughan about her relationship with Marty Kotis.

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