Monday, January 25, 2016

Robbie Perkins Strikes Back: Part 3

In Robbie Perkins Strikes Back? I wrote:

"Not one shred of evidence that backs up the claims made by the City of Greensboro."

I stand by that statement. In Robbie Perkins Strikes Back, Part 2 I wrote:

"Nowhere is there "a list of all of the brokers and brokerage firms that were mailed and emailed the flyer" and yet the Memo from Ted Partrick, Engineering Manager, Engineering & Inspections Department to David Parrish Assistant City Manager states:

"Seven potential buyers approached Property Management with interest in the property.."
That contradicts what I wrote as the Memo from Ted Partrick, Engineering Manager, Engineering & Inspections Department to David Parrish Assistant City Manager states:

 "Property Management made flyers (Exhibit L)and a listing packet and distributed it to multiple commercial real estate brokerage firms including CBRE, BlueRidge Companies, West Market Realty, Brown Investments, NAI Piedmont Triad, Carolina Commercial Realty, Triad Commercial Properties, ESSA Commercial Real Estate Inc."

But this is in direct contradiction to what was reported by John Hammer of the Rhino Times who wrote:

"The weird thing about this sale is that long-time downtown developers and real estate brokers said that they had no idea the building was for sale.  City staff said the sale was put on the city website and advertised in the News & Record.  But councilmembers said they had received calls from people who had been involved in downtown real estate for years who had no idea the property was for sale."

Then there's this quote from  Council finalizes Bardolph building sale by Joanna Rutter at Triad City Beat:

"Councilman Justin Outling and Assistant City Manager David Parrish both mentioned the extent of city’s advertising campaign, which they said adequately publicized the building when the offer period was open.

“A number of large developers expressed interest in the property, but for whatever reason decided not to place a bid, and [Kotis] made the highest offer,” Outling said."

A question for Councilman Outling: If the City did such a good job of advertising the building then why only 1 bidder with a lowball bid? Shouldn't a single bid for a City owned property at a below market price be considered a red flag that the bidding process has gone horribly wrong?

Or the bid was rigged?

And what about Mr Conservative, Councilman Tony Wilkins, where was his concerns for operating in the taxpayers best interest? Wait, I know, in Marty Kotis' pocket along with the rest of City Council who voted 9-0 to finalize the sale.

The whole thing is turning into a he said-she said type of thing.

So to get to the bottom of things I've submitted the following Public Information Request (PIRT) to the City of Greensboro as of this morning:

"Building For Sale Cheap 
Please send me all communications between any and all persons and/or companies who expressed interest in buying the recently sold Dorothy Bardolph Building.

And please, as I have made this PIRT public I hope you will act quickly.

-Billy Jones"
Will I get the information Greensboro needs to know? Only time will tell but recent months have been filled with many disappointments.

Update: Monday 1:02 PM Just so everyone knows I really did send the PIRT:

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