Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snow Day Linkfest

Thursday, January 21, 2016; Unknown Greensboro Crime Statistics; Hat Tip Roch Smith Jr.

High Point Violent Crime up 24% year over year

83.3% year over year increase in Murder in Greensboro

20% year over year increase in Rape in Greensboro

Rape up 33% year over year in High Point

Robbery up 35.3% year over year in High Point

21% year over year increase in Aggravated Assault in Greensboro

What did Greensboro's News and Record report yesterday
instead of the violent crime report our paper of record never reported?

On-the-job deaths decline in North Carolina, none in Guilford County in 2015

Marty Kotis, City Council, City Staff and the News and Record have a problem

If you don’t conform to the crowd now, you’re a ‘radical’

The World Economic Forum in Davos is submerged by a tsunami of denials, and even non-denial denials, stating there won’t be a follow-up to the Crash of 2008.

In truth the west failed to learn from the 2008 crash. Any economic ‘recovery’ was built on asset bubbles

Iraqi Kurdistan president: time has come to redraw Middle East boundaries

Who Poisoned Flint, Michigan?

10 Reasons why Sub $30 Oil Is A Major Problem

Deep “Freight Recession” Hits Railroads, Trucking, Air Freight

“Consumers just don’t seem to be showing up….”

BB&T's King: 'I do not think the sky is falling'

Dan Forest
23 hrs · Raleigh, NC ·
Many thanks to Marty and Asheley Kotis for their hospitality in hosting a reception benefiting Dan's re-election campaign this week in Greensboro.

Trillions could be lost in housing bubble collapse 

Over 120,000 homes close to repossession

Which is probably going to happen in Greensboro again

A Question of Environmental Racism in Flint

Kind of like Mike Barber's reaction 
to police statistics in Greensboro

What Snyder Knew: Flint Email Dump Shows Attempts to Shift the Blame

As far back as February 2015, the governor's administration was informed of issues with Flint's water

And where were the news outlets?

Saudi Arabia's Secret Holdings of U.S. Debt Are Suddenly a Big Deal

Goldman Sachs Caught Altering US Markets Data, Removed Evidence that US is in a Recession;

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Migrant crisis: EU at grave risk, warns France PM Valls

Some Experts, Like Krugman, Supported Single Payer Until Bernie Sanders Put It in His Platform

Hillary Clinton’s Paid Speeches to Wall Street Animate Her Opponents

rcwhalen; "Front Loaded: China, Volatility, and Debt Deflation"

American Express Co Chief Executive Kenneth Chenault pledged to overhaul the company after the card issuer posted a 38 percent decline in fourth-quarter earnings and provided a bleak outlook for next year.

Boeing Co said it plans to halve production rates of its 747-8 plane later this year; latest step in the decline of the iconic jumbo jet and a fresh signal of persistent weakness in the global air-freight market.

The dismal energy environment slammed Union Pacific Corp in the fourth quarter, causing the railroad's earnings to fall 22 percent from a year ago and the company to miss Wall Street expectations.

Roy Carroll's coming hotel protectionism
from Greensboro's City Council
at the expense of small business owners;

The heated battle between Airbnb, the popular room-sharing app, and the hotel industry is playing out in city halls across the country, including those in New York and Los Angeles, which have either passed or are considering restrictions on the service. 

Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd says it would cut 1,000 jobs and C$400 million in spending this year as it grapples with declining freight volumes in a sluggish economy.

Barclays Plc is to give up trading in gold and other precious metals in a series of cutbacks at its investment bank where more than 1,000 staff will lose their jobs.

Education book publisher Pearson Plc said it would cut 4,000 jobs, or 10 percent of its workforce

Virgin Media will cut 900 jobs from its British workforce over the next two years

Brantano UK Collapses With 2,000 Jobs At Risk

The value shoe retailer Brantano UK has gone into administration leaving 2,000 jobs at risk, just three months after it was bought by a specialist retail investor.

French oil and gas group Total plans to reduce capital spending by 10 per cent this year

A further 300 jobs are being cut in the oil and gas industry by Talisman Sinopec.

BHP Billiton Plc is to cut its shale drilling budget over the next six months

Goldman's Cohn Says China Will Probably Have to Devalue Currency