Friday, January 22, 2016

Marty Kotis, City Council, City Staff and the News and Record have a problem

Nathan Duggins showed up to offer $1 million, 

Roy's John Hammer was allowed to write about it with a negative light. 

Perkins submitted records requests to the City asking about the deal.  

Hammer, Duggins and Perkins work for Roy Carroll.  

It looks like Roy Carroll, Miltion Kern and his broker and lawyer, and all of other NAI brokers and their clients and their client's attorneys were not informed of the opportunity, and the News and Record not only didn't lift a finger, they helped Kotis make it happen.

I have seen the mass emails sent out to Greensboro's real estate crowd by City Staff.

It doesn't look like it happened.

If it didn't happen, this is public corruption aided and abetted by the News and Record
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