Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Joe Killian on tonight's edition of City Council's pay to play crony capitalism; "Greensboro council to consider selling [$3,054,100] property to Kotis" for $900,000

"The City Council will consider the sale of a well-positioned piece of downtown real estate at its regular meeting tonight.

Jamal Fox, you said that Kotis has the "midas touch" 
in the News & Record.

If everything he does becomes gold, 
then why has the city subsidized his projects?

And why did you sell a city building 
(that performs vital services to the elderly and infirm) for a third of it's value?

If he's the golden boy of Greensboro, 
shouldn't he be making it on his own?

Katei Cranford

The property: the Dorothy Bardolph Human Services Center at 301 S. Church St., located across from the downtown train and bus depot.


Marty had the golden touch when it came to Jamal's campaign debt...

John Robert Kernodle III

The buyer: developer Marty Kotis, who has offered $900,000 for the property.

No mention of Marty Kotis' campaign contributions
or that the property was valued at $3,054,100 in 2012
or Marty's multiples of taxpayer paid for financial benefits
courtesy of his bought and paid for City Council members
and the Coliseum's Matt Brown,

It has been appraised at $1 million.

$1 million by an appraiser hired by the City 
to facilitate the sale of  a $3,054,100 property for $900,000
to 2015's biggest campaign contributor
who has already received millions via Council votes

Remember appraisers valuing real estate 
for whatever it too close deals before the last financial crisis?

This is the same shit only different

The council’s infrastructure committee voted last week to move the question of the sale to the full council."


Katei Cranford on Marty Kotis and Greensboro News and Record's "fluff piece" garbage journalism

Is Marty Kotis buying City of Greensboro property for less than the appraised value illegal?


Kotis unbelievableness reality masqueraded under propaganda by Greensboro's News and Record


On Marty Kotis' land give away coming up on Tuesday


Updated;This is what selling a property to Greensboro's biggest campaign donor reads like


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John Hammer goes to the Infrastructure Committee meeting, doesn't report Marty Kotis getting a City property for less than the appraised value = John Hammer isn't a journalist


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