Wednesday, January 20, 2016

"the economic recovery in the United States has been built on an illusion", which is the same as happened in the 1930's, and local and global economic link fest

The more inventories increase, 
the lower sales go,
the more job cuts to occur within the near future

When the red line starts going down,
like it looks like it is, like in 2008/9,
the black line goes up, meaning there is too much stuff to sell;

Same thing happened only different in the 1930's
but this time the Federal Reserve intervened by far more
in financial markets;

Yes, we could/should get a plunge like this
as artificial stability creates higher levels of instability
and the world has never seen so much as now
with the possibility of even more on the way;
This time their are a lot more people involved, 
in a lot more countries, and it's all happening at the same time.

It won't happen in a strait line,
as global central bank and regulatory intervention pick up.

It's going to get uglier, so if you're not prepared,
the only one you can blame is yourself if you have read the economic posts here
and did nothing;

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