Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Eric Robert on the dismissal etc...

"…the same judge also allowed the HUD affidavit, even though their “expert” was not disclosed prior to the last day of “discovery” (well after the expert portion was finished), and, finally, the same judge granted a Protective order so that the” non disclosed expert’s affidavit” was not only allowed, but we were denied access to him to depose him or cross examine him and his statements.

...again we are alive to fight another day and start the process from the beginning once more; only this time, we will depose their star expert first. "

"The Mayor (and other council members) was part of the scam to give Zack the job as head of DGI."

"DGI is bringing back old board members to strenghen Matheny's weak performance. Funny considering that one in particular was blamed by matheny " in private" for his DWI as they had started the night together."

"DGI is scheduled to sign a long term lease ( or may already have done so) with one of its more popular board member at the corner of Lewis and Elm, even though DGI may not exist in 5 months as the downtown contract is being opened up for "competition".

"The discovery process will not doubt be epic during Earl Jones' eoe investigation...imagine all who will get deposed..i bet it will be everyone who has been bullied by Zack's during this shameful process. Phone calls and correspondence from the most powerful entities made on Zack s behalf (before and after the arrest) will be public..."

"Does DGI really need to move into a downtown storefront at $33,000+ /year only to benefit one of its board member? How about moving into city hall for $1/yr and reinvesting the money into downtown projects?

Maybe it is time to reassess DGI 's reason for being and whether or not we are getting our money's worth"

"spice cantina closed because it really sucked . The truth is that since Lotus closed, they have been losing huge amounts of money for the adjacent parking lot...close to $15,000/ month. no worry though, metheny and zimmerman will save the day after being directly responsible for the civic manipulations to rid downtown of Black people... " not in my neighborhood"

"Our restaurants are suffering like never before, our council is giving money to individuals on buildings they do not own or for moving existing businesses to other buildings they do own; all while ignoring existing businesses instrumental in Downtown's resurgence.

Meanwhile DGI is wasting our money while it contributes NOTHING of value, unless of course you are a board member.

Our Black constituency is being forced out of our center city. The government scrutiny and harassment of small business owners with a black clientele is despicable and disgusting.

The game was rigged to begin with. Mr Jones was interviewed as a formality to avoid this exact situation."


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