Wednesday, February 3, 2016

My Apologies To Eric Robert

This is a series that began with  Recapping The Zack Methany, Jason Cannon, DGI Story. You can click on that link and follow the links back to here to get the entire story.

When I first read the following comment at Carolina Under Siege I made an assumption based on what I already knew:

"Don t worry Roch, Zack will send you an email shortly to try and appease you…but don’t worry too much about him, rumors are that he will not survive what is coming down…Jason Cannon, Cyndy Hayworth and many others he pissd off along the way are about to tell their stories. They will recount in details some of our elected officials’ corruption and their “will stop at nothing” ways to get Zack nominated. Of course Jason signed an agreement that prevents him from talking in exchange for his full two years salary, but a subpoena in a court case will bypass that…and then there is Jason’s resume, how did it leave the DGI’s personnel files and ended up in my posession?"

That's when I posted Recapping The Zack Methany, Jason Cannon, DGI Story and outed Eric as one of my sources of the news that Jason Cannon lied on his resume to Downtown Greensboro Inc.

You see, Eric was one of my sources so I read into Eric's comment what I wanted to see. I assumed Eric was admitting he was my source for the story that eventually made its way into the local media. It's a mistake I often catch my critics doing when criticizing me. Only this time I'm the one who did it.

Something else I read into the comment that wasn't there was that Zack Matheny was the one who gave Eric the resume that should have remained safely locked away in the files at DGI. What Eric actually said was:

"…and then there is Jason’s resume, how did it leave the DGI’s personnel files and ended up in my posession?"

No mention of Zack Methany there either.

But that doesn't mean Zack Methany is entirely off the hook. It only means Eric Robert never implicated Zack Methany. And it means I screwed up. I took what I saw and combined it with what I knew and assumed to be true and added what I assumed to be true to it and repeated it as if all of it were proven fact without the actual proof.

And for that, Dear Eric, you have my most sincere apology.

Did Zack leak the resume to Eric? Maybe, Eric never told me.

Did Mayor Vaughan know that Jason Cannon lied on his resume and keep it as secret while on the board of DGI? The text messages between someone named Zack and another party in The Zack Methany Texts seem to show she did.

Was Mayor Vaughan playing both sides of the DGI controversy, reassuring DGI supporters she planned to keep DGI alive while secretly plotting to shut DGI down. The e-mail from Mayor Vaughan to Greensboro City Attorney Tomas Carruthers made public in The Grasshopper Sez makes it very apparent no one can trust this woman no matter which side you're on.

But in Eric Robert on the dismissal etc... Abner Doon attributes the following quote to Mr Robert:

"The Mayor (and other council members) was part of the scam to give Zack the job as head of DGI."

And this one:

 "Our restaurants are suffering like never before, our council is giving money to individuals on buildings they do not own or for moving existing businesses to other buildings they do own; all while ignoring existing businesses instrumental in Downtown's resurgence."

This one

"Our Black constituency is being forced out of our center city. The government scrutiny and harassment of small business owners with a black clientele is despicable and disgusting."

This one

"The game was rigged to begin with. Mr Jones was interviewed as a formality to avoid this exact situation."

And many more.

My apologies to Eric not only for saying he said something he didn't say but for putting him on the spot. But Eric Robert is saying the things Greensboro needs to hear. He has managed to be successful despite the fact that without incentives he has done for downtown Greensboro what others couldn't do with incentives even while being purposely ripped-off and deliberately victimized by the City of Greensboro.

With just a few more like Eric Robert we could take back our city.

In changing one city for the better we show the world a model by which the entire world can be remade.

And you're damned straight I know more than I'm telling... After all, I'm trying not to have to apologize to anyone else. It may well be the Rabid Dogs Win but I'm putting my bets on Eric Robert and always did.

How 'bout you join the revolution?

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