Monday, February 1, 2016

Recapping The Zack Methany, Jason Cannon, DGI Story

Last week I was asked to recap this story.

When Ed Wolverton was drummed out of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated, Greensboro City Councilman Zack Methany was one of those who interviewed for the job. The interview went horribly and Jason Cannon was hired instead.

Of course it wasn't like Jason Cannon didn't have secrets he needed kept hidden and among those helping him keep his secrets were then Councilwoman Nancy Vaughan and then Mayor Robbie Perkins who made sure to remind everyone in the room that all had skeletons in their closets.

On November 3, 2014 I posted:

"DGI's Jason Cannon Lied On His Resume

When applying for the job as President and CEO of Downtown Greensboro Inc. Jason Cannon, the former vice president of governmental affairs for the Greensboro Partnership listed on his resume a masters degree from NC State University. Problem is: Mr Cannon has no such degree.
When the DGI board of directors including then Mayor Robbie Perkins and Councilwoman Nancy Barakat Vaughan found out they decided to keep Mr Cannon's lie a secret. But I found out.

Goodbye Mr Cannon. Once again the mighty have fallen at the hands of Robbie and Nancy."

Where did I get that story? Click on the photo to enlarge:

Of course I'm only making this source public because Eric himself has gone public about having leaked the story. And no, I wasn't the only one who knew about it. Others were wanting me to make the story public as well but unlike Mr Robert they chose to remain hidden. It seems Zack was telling everyone he could find in the hope that he might get someone to break the story. As luck would have it that someone was me.

The following day Yes Weekly reported that Councilman Zack Matheny is questioning the credentials of Downtown Greensboro Inc's President Jason Cannon:

"When asked about the controversy surrounding Cannon, Councilmember Tony Wilkins told YES!

Weekly that he believes Cannon would tell the truth if he was asked. “I think if you asked Jason he would give you an honest answer,” Wilkins said.

However, Cannon’s actions contradict Wilkins’ theory. Councilman Zack Matheny’s efforts to get to the bottom of the controversy have been fruitless. Matheny reported to YES! Weekly today that Cannon has ignored his questions regarding the issue.

“Communication between Jason and I has become non-existent,” Matheny said during a telephone interview. DGI was contacted by YES! Weekly today and Jason Cannon was unavailable for comment."

Zack was setting up Jason for the fall. As Eric Robert comments at Carolina Under Siege:

I documented the attempts at  DGI Damage Control  in an attempt to cover up Jason's faked resume.

I showed EzGreensboro readers Jason's First DGI Resume which was given to me by Eric Robert.

On Feb 5, 2015, the Business Journal reported: Downtown Greensboro Inc. head to step down but they never said why.

And then there is this statement by Mr Robert:

"...and then there is Jason’s resume, how did it leave the DGI’s personnel files and ended up in my posession?"

Eric Robert has made no secret that Zack Methany gave him Jason Cannon's resume. Now the question becomes what other city council members and DGI board members helped Zack Methany gain access to files that are protected from release by North Carolina State Law?

And how long will Zack Methany be allowed to remain at the top of Downtown Greensboro Incorporated?

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