Wednesday, February 3, 2016

So If Zack Didn't Do It, Who Did?

In case you haven't figured it out I'm not a journalist. I've never claimed to be. My specialty is literary Tyrannicide. Problem is: I'm restricted to using a scatter gun so everyone in the vicinity of the tyrant gets hit too. My advice would be to stand clear of tyrants at all times.

You may have also noticed that unlike journalists I ask my questions in public view whereas journalists ask questions privately then tell you what journalists think you need to know. My way is messy, it angers people, it embarrasses folks, makes enemies and eventually leads to finding out the truth... sometimes.

But then my goal isn't to tell you what the truth is, my goal is to help you find the truth along with me.

And yes there will be mistakes.

In beginning this series with  Recapping The Zack Methany, Jason Cannon, DGI Story. I made a big mistake in assuming that Zack Methany was the source of Jason's Cannon's resume-- the resume in which Jason lied about his master's degree and eventually lost his job as president of DGI only to be replaced by Zack. Not that it couldn't have been Zack but we've simply no proof... yet.

In the previous post in this series, My Apologies To Eric Robert I also pointed out that Mayor Vaughan might not have been responsible for leaking the resume either. I mean, she looks pretty guilty according to The Zack Methany Texts and the e-mail exposed in The Grasshopper Sez wasn't good for her reputation but there still isn't proof that she or Zack were responsible.

So who else was involved in hiring Zack Methany? That would be the DGI Board of Directors.

According to DGI's website their 2015 board of Directors was made up of the following people:

Gary BrameChair Jules Antique and Fine Arts DGI Executive Committee
Dawn S. Chaney Chaney Properties DGI Executive Committee
Derek Ellington Bank of America DGI Executive Committee
Mark Hewett Area Modern Home and Lighting
Mark Gibb Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Co.
Paula Pierce Downtown Resident
Thomas Philion ArtsGreensboro
Nick Piornack Momentum Development
Marsh Prause Allman Spry Davis Leggett & Crumpler, P.A.
Mark Prince Guilford Merchants Association DGI Executive Committee
Tim Sexton Chair Elect / Treasurer Lincoln Financial Group DGI Executive Committee
James N. “Smitty” Smith DADS Enterprise
Paul Talley Lotus Club
Brian Wise The Carroll Companies
Jeff Yetter Iron Hill Investments, Inc.
Rob Youth Connective Mortgage Advisory Company, a division of United Guaranty Corporation
Dianne Ziegler – Secretary Greensboro Downtown Residents’ Association
Andy Zimmerman AZ Development, LLC
Marty Lawing Guilford County Manager
Jeff Phillips Guilford County Commissioner
Nancy Vaughan Mayor of Greensboro DGI Executive Committee
Jim Westmoreland Greensboro City Manager DGI Executive Committee

So assuming that Zack Matheny and Nancy Barakat Vaughan did not give Jason Cannon's resume to Eric Robert then it must be safe to assume that someone else on DGI's board of directors wanted to replace Jason Cannon with Zack Methany. Who might that someone be and does he or she represent one of Greensboro's biggest employers like say Lincoln Financial Group, The Carroll Companies or United Guaranty Corporation? Or could it have been  Guilford County Manager Marty Lawing, County Commissioner Jeff Phillips or even Derek Ellington of Bank of America? Could it have been Nick Piornack who is a business partner with City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann?

By keeping this covered up Mayor Vaughan, Zack Methany and the Board of Directors of Downtown Greensboro are casting aspersions on every member of the DGI board and all the corporations and institutions they represent. Were the Greensboro Downtown Residents’ Association or ArtsGreensboro responsible? Gibb’s Hundred Brewing or Iron Hill Investments, Inc? Maybe Andy Zimmerman did it?
I wonder how downtown resident  Paula Pierce feels about being picked out of the blue to be put into a den of thieves? I think I'd be pretty damned pissed if I were she. I mean, successful Federal employee, retired in 2007, moved to Greensboro in 2008... Hey, what a great way to attract new residents to our city center. You blew it DGI! She owns a freaking condo, she doesn't need this shit!

I can't make people tell the truth. That's not among my superpowers. So it comes down to this: there's truth and then there's swords to fall on. Which is it going to be? May the e-mails and telephone calls begin.

Who knows, maybe they'll finally let me have a sniper rifle instead of this scatter gun.