Friday, February 12, 2016

Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 4

People assume when they read an of an investigation into something that everything they read is absolute fact and that nothing is to be disputed but the truth is that isn't always the case. Fact is: that is rarely the case. Most of what you read in the newspaper, listen to on the radio, watch on TV news or read on the Internet is incomplete, insufficient, slanted or just plain wrong. Even here. The difference between what I do and what the media does is that my investigations are always ongoing as long as information continues to come in whereas the others give you a quick story, tell you what they want you to believe and quickly move on to the next story that will also be incomplete, insufficient, slanted or just plain wrong.

For example, already in Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs we've learned that some things were not what we reported them to be.

In Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 3 I cast aspersions on Mr Carruthers because of the fact that he wasn't working for Carruthers & Roth, the prestigious local law firm founded by his father, the later Senator Joseph T Carruthers Jr. But as it turns out Thomas wasn't asked to work at Carruthers and Roth.  He wasn't good enough for them.  He was given a courtesy interview, but the partner interviewing him suggested he should rethink what he wanted to do and implicitly criticized his resume.

Tom has had a huge chip on his shoulder as a result that he was rejected by his family's firm.  Tom's brother Joseph was offered a job with Carruthers & Roth (he was top of his law school class, and was good enough for the firm) but he turned them down and worked in Winston-Salem where he remains today and is now a partner at Wall Esleeck Babcock, LLP.

It's the belief of some that City Council did not do any sort of search before hiring Tom.  Remember, they promised a nationwide search.  Nothing was said, months passed, and lo and behold, they hired Tom.  If there's no search, there's no background check. Did Council know about Tom's bankruptcy?  We don't know.  But knowing Tom's personal history with Mayor Vaughan and Councilmember Barber, some would think Vaughan and Barber did know.

And then there was the  the reconfiguration of the offices in the City Attorney's suite in 2011-12. Tom's office used to be much closer to Rita Danish's office and Tom eavesdropped on her conversations and fed them to people like then Mayor Bill Knight to undermine Rita.  The reconfiguration moved Tom's office away from the City Attorney's Office.  Rita didn't have time to fire Tom since she was forced out after 6 months.  Many know about this and that Tom was disloyal to Rita.

Ain't it amazing what you learn when you allow an investigation to continue ongoing even after you've started publishing your results?

In Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 2  I introduced a document showing that Mr Carruthers filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy on $677,222.oo in business and personal debt. The documents list his 1/3 interest in his law office located at 903 West Market Street at a $300,000 asset. Things can only be assets if they are paid for.

In Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 3 I brought up the fact that Tom's partner, John David Bartenfield offered Tom $325,000 for Tom's share of the building. According to the Guilford County Register of Deeds, Mr Carruthers closed on his home on December 14, 2005. But wait, Tom Carruthers filed bankruptcy on March 11, 2005. Where did he get the money to buy a house?

The bankruptcy wasn't even cold and already Tom was buying a house. As a matter of fact his Intent to Abandon Property wasn't filed until August 1, 2005.  And he still owed money to my Dear Aunt Dorothy.

Stay tuned for  Thomas Carruthers Attacked By Rabid Dogs, Part 5 Perhaps by then Mr Carruthers will have e-mailed me to explain the entire thing, . Of course, it's not like Tom doesn't already have my e-mail address as he has written to me before.