Monday, February 29, 2016

What The News & Fishwrap Isn't Telling You About The Scarfone-Rossabi Lawsuit, Part 2: Updated

I must admit that when I posted Part 1 of What The News & Fishwrap Isn't Telling You About The Scarfone-Rossabi Lawsuit I wasn't nearly as confused as I am today.

In October an Oklahoma man using the name Jack Horath e-mailed me to say he was being sued by Scarfone and Rossabi and needed the names of some good attorneys here in Greensboro. Ultimately he picked someone who wasn't on the list I gave him. Like I wrote yesterday:

"You see, when one is the only media source printing the truth then one eventually becomes the go-to media source in this modern Internet age. And let's not forget, here at we post more documents, links and citations than anyone."

After you see the documents you'll be every bit as confused as I am. 

Let's begin with a link to the Complaint between CARMAYER LLC (Scarfone and Rossabi) and Dan Howard Aircraft Sales LLC. (Steven N Montgomery and Daniel Speaks) I know, my critics are saying how does Jack Horath fit in and I'm asking the same thing myself. I e-mailed a link to Part 1 to Mr Harath yesterday and am awaiting his reply. As much as I despise Scarfone and Rossabi I'll still do my best to present the real truth no matter which side it favors.

Now my first concern was the 1976 Cessna 421c in question. That's a 40 year old airplane and Rossabi and Scarfone want to use such a plane for passenger services-- for hire? I confess I don't know much about airplanes but I've wrenched a lot on 40 year old cars, trucks and motorcycles and a common problem on old metal is internal fracturing that remains invisible until everything snaps. I also happen to know that internal fracturing is one of the biggest safety issues the airline industry faces with the easiest way to circumvent internal fracturing being to buy new.

Now that's not saying you can't fly a 40 year old airplane but ask anyone who has tried to make a daily driver out of a 40 year old car or motorcycle... Even with the best of maintenance they break in the strangest of places and break parts no one ever before heard of breaking. Best to save them for the weekends.

Then there's the operating cost of the Cessna 421c. While rated overall as a great aircraft that pilots generally loved to fly the planes are gas hogs-- the worst fuel consumption in their class. Why would anyone wanting to get into commercial aviation pick a gas hog. Why that would be like taxi drivers installing 800 horsepower racing engines into their taxis.

If I can figure this stuff out by spending a few minutes on the Internet them why can't the guys with the law degrees do the same?

Then there's the Notice Of Grounds of Administrative Dissolution of Carmayer LLC dated October 29,2014, over a year before the lawsuit against Dan Howard Aircraft Sales LLC was filed in Guilford County Court.

It's almost as if Scarfone and Roddabi formed their company with the intent of finding someone to sue just as they have sued so many before. From the News & Fishwrap:

"GREENSBORO — In 2014, restaurateur Rocco Scarfone and lawyer Amiel Rossabi bought an eight-seat Cessna together.
They figured the plane would come in handy for family and business trips.

But the real goal was to rent it out for charter flights, a business venture they expected would bring in $44,000 to $160,000 a year."

So they close their company the first year before, as Margaret Moffett writes:

"In October 2014, Scarfone and Rossabi paid for Hurlocker to fly to Oklahoma to inspect the plane."

Interesting, don't you think?

Me thinks the fine folks from Oklahoma as well as the local aircraft maintenance companies involved might just want to forward this to their attorneys and the NC Bar. After all, can a business that no longer exists legally be a plaintiff in a lawsuit? Can a dead man sue?
Update: May 28, 2016. Not confused yet? You will be.

I've just learned the following:
Jack Horath is also a retired Oklahoma State Trooper and close friend of Dan Howard. Our EzGreensboro team also uncovered the following:

I did some digging and found that Carmayer did indeed file their annual report in Nov 2015 and Carmayer LLC is in active status after all:

However, did you see that they indeed did sue the local NC aviation company that they hired to perform the second & final inspection of the airplane?

Another bogus lawsuit!!

Interesting huh?

Not one word of them hiring this local Koury Aviation company to do their SECOND & FINAL PREPURCHASE INSPECTION (before buying the plane from Dan) was mentioned in their filings in the lawsuit against Dan.

I mean they left ALL of this out of their claims. Such bastards. 

And as usual the News & Record brings you none of this.