Sunday, February 28, 2016

What The News & Fishwrap Isn't Telling You About The Scarfone-Rossabi Lawsuit

As you may be aware Rocky Scarfone and Amil Rossabi have a long history of suing people all over the country. They even attempted to sue me once but I sent their candy gangster asses running away with 13 chapters of dirt and documents Scarfone and Rossabi didn't want slipping out into the main stream media.

Well as luck would have it someone was foolish enough to sell them an airplane and now that person along with everyone else who ever looked at the airplane is getting sued as well. But while the News & Fishwrap posted the story, Scarfone, Rossabi say in lawsuit local charter company negligent on
Thursday, February 25, 2016 I've actually been keeping up with the story since October, 2015.

You see, when one is the only media source printing the truth then one eventually becomes the go-to media source in this modern Internet age. And let's not forget, here at we post more documents, links and citations than anyone.

From the News & Fishwrap:
"Scarfone and Rossabi are also suing the Oklahoma company that sold them the plane. That lawsuit, which alleges fraud, is making its way through the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of North Carolina in Greensboro."

Well it just so happens that the Oklahoma Company that sold the plane was owned by a man named Jack Horath, a retired Oklahoma State Trooper who flew aerial traffic patrols and was shot 4 times one night while moonlighting as a security guard at a used car dealership and still continued to chase the suspects..

You see this is how Scarfone works: With Rossabi-- an attorney-- as his business partner, Scrafone and Rossabi don't run up legal fees they can't afford to pay. But anyone they sue is forced to hire an attorney and pay through the nose for legal representation. Ultimately the cost of fighting the case becomes so big that it is cheaper for Scarfone and Rossabi's victims to settle out of court and cut their losses. Fact is: Rossabi almost never wins a trial that goes full term and depends on dragging things out for years to break his opponents.

And as long as the media fails to report these things no one knows any differently allowing Scarfone and Rossabi to victimize anyone they want including retired law enforcement officers. And if they can do this to cops who is safe from them?

Stay tuned for
What The News & Fishwrap Isn't Telling You About The Scarfone-Rossabi Lawsuit, Part 2