Thursday, February 18, 2016

Why Nancy Vaughan's Personal Life Is Important

The short answer: Mayor Vaughan made her personal life an issue. I'll explain:

Previously I pointed out that Mayor Vaughan has left her husband and moved to 1617 Wilton Drive to live in a home purchased by her mother in December.

Now if it's a matter of disclosing elected leaders address to the public you can find the home addresses of the entire Greensboro City Council online at the City of Greensboro website except for Mayor Vaughan who has been keeping her current address hidden from the public. Simply click on any name and you'll be taken to a web page that looks like this:

Apparently this is public information as the websites of most North Carolina cities tend to disclose the same. I reckon we voters need to know our local elected representatives actually live in our community and not in some other country somewhere.

Of course I could have left Nancy's marital status out of it but I'm not the first. John Hammer of the Rhino Times went well farther than I've ever gone when he wrote in his article, Mayor Vaughan Has Personal Interest In Lawsuit Against City:

"When asked if the two were more than just friends, Vaughan said, “No.”  And when asked if the rumors that she was having an affair with Robert were true, Vaughan said, “No.”

And she said she would not answer any further questions about her personal life."

Of course when I first heard the rumor my first response was, "Have you seen the knock out chic Eric is married to? Nancy can't hold a candle to that. And the chic has brains too. Even Frenchmen aren't that stupid."

Besides, Donald and Nancy sued the makers of a certain women's hygiene device for $75,000 because the erosion it caused rendered Nancy unable to have sexual relations. John Hammer really should try harder, he could get Roy Carroll sued for spreading lies like that.

So there, John Hammer has been proven wrong yet again and rumors about Mayor Vaughan and Eric Robert can finally come to an end. Knowing that will win Nancy sympathy with certain segments of the population and rightfully so. No, I haven't a history of being nice to Nancy but then Nancy's actions, or lack thereof, haven't been nice for Greensboro-- the #1 hungriest city in America with record high unemployment as we head off into yet another coming Depression even worse than the last.

Of course now the question becomes what has Donald been doing on his monthly trips to Costa Rica but save that for another day as we need to get back to why Nancy's personal life is the voting public's business.

Like I said earlier, Nancy made it so.

On Tuesday, January 7, 2014 Greensboro Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan brought before the Greensboro City Council a proposal to make law a requirement that the Mayor of Greensboro and all 8 City Council members fill out a disclosure form to be made public record that included not only the home addresses of all members of Council but their marital statuses, business affairs, etc, etc. On that very night I stood before City Council and encouraged them to do so. Council passed the new law 9-0:

Since that night I've caught Mayor Vaughan failing to live up the the very law she wrote on numerous occasions all documented on the many pages of this website. Her failure to notify the public of her changes in address and marital status are simply 2 more such violations of a rule she never intended to use in the first place.

That's why it's important, it's a matter of trust.

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