Friday, March 25, 2016

"22 file for new 13th Congressional District"; including crony capitalist Bob Isner

"Three Democrats are seeking their party’s nomination in the new 13th Congressional District, which includes High Point and much of Greensboro, and stretches to the west through Davidson and Davie counties, and into parts of Rowan and Iredell counties.

The Democratic slate includes

• Bruce Davis, a former Guilford County Commissioner from High Point who was previously a candidate for the 6th district before the old map was thrown out;
• Bob Isner, a Greensboro developer who is the father of professional tennis player John Isner;

Bob like the taste of taxpayer monies in his pocket

• Mazie Ferguson, a Greensboro resident who recently made an unsuccessful bid for state labor commissioner;
• Adam Coker, a business person from Greensboro; and
• Kevin Griffin, a Durham resident who owns a staffing company and recently lost the Democratic primary for US Senate to Deborah Ross.  State law allows people members of Congress to live outside of the district that they represent.

The 13th district was drawn to favor a Republican candidate...

• John Blust, a state House member from Greensboro;
• Julia Howard, a state House member from Mocksville;
• Harry Warren, a state House member from Salisbury; and
• Andrew Brock, a state senator from Mocksville.
• Hank Henning, a Guilford County commissioner from High Point;

Henning = Brady Trane = Free Coliseum tickets and taxpayer funded construction contracts

Guilford County Commissioner Hank Henning's 2015 Year End Contribution Report

Jim Melvin and his Megasite minions

• George Rouco, a former CIA officer from Mooresville;
• Jim Snyder, a former candidate for lieutenant governor from Lexington; and
• Vernon Robinson, a Winston-Salem political consultant who gained notoriety as a member of Winston-Salem City Council by erecting a Ten Commandments monument outside of City Hall....

Other Republican candidates include Charles A. Gant, Dan Barrett, David W. Thompson, Farren K. Shoaf, Jason A. Walser, Kathy Feather, Matthew J. McCall, Kay Daly and Ted Budd.
Tuesday, January 20, 2015; Isner's Election Year Acres; How Bob Chapman and Bob "I'm John's Dad" Isner are going to walk away with taxpayer money tonight

Tuggle Duggins represents Bob Isner and Bob Chapman  
who are seeking a taxpayer funded settlement
which is currently in play before City Council
which includes Zack Matheny.

...Once it became clear that SEDG’s profit from land sales wouldn’t quite meet their expectations, partners Bob Chapman and Bob Isner began looking for an alternate compensation method.

While serving as Councilman
and City Council's DGI Liaison,
Mr. Matheny hired someone from Tuggle Duggins
to negotiate Zack's DGI contract, supposedly 
whose firm has/had adversarial business before City Council
for Roy Carroll, Bob Isner and Bob Chapman.

White people will rule
for Roy, Marty, Koury, Melvin, Lomax, Isner etc...

Union Square Developers Want Out-- At A Profit

And to add insult to injury,  Bob Isner and Bob Chapman, the developers of the Union Square project, are now wanting to back out of the project and still collect a profit without so much as having moved a single shovel of dirt, laid a single brick or plant a single tree. And they have the audacity to try and push City Council into paying them $Millions to get out.

Developers Bob Chapman and Bob Isner must surely be holding a loaded gun pointed at Andy Scott's head if they think this deal should be allowed to pass. Why should the City of Greensboro give them free land they were supposed to have paid for 3 years ago?

Isner is learning from his  good friend and new boss Robbie Perkins. Robbie paved the way for this precedent, and now wants to get his. 

The selected Master developers ( Bob Isner and Bob Chapman) refused to take ownership of the redevelopment land as it was originally intended, because they did not want to pay the associated property taxes. To date, they have contributed NOTHING to the deal...

South Elm St redevelopment 101

how will the land be transferred to the university campus? will Isner of NAI  be the broker, the landlord, the builder and the master developer? Will he kiss us first?