Wednesday, March 16, 2016

City Continues Campaign Of Lies

As the team continues to investigate Who Got The South Elm Street Redevelopment Money we run into constant roadblocks thrown at us by the City of Greensboro. For example: when investigator Sal Leone submitted a public information request asking for Mayor Nancy Barakat Vaughan's deposition in the Eric Robert vs City of Greensboro trial he was refused citing NC state statute § 132-1.9. as seen in the e-mail from the City of Greensboro below:

Of course we were expecting such a response but this time it just didn't make sense. You see, that's the problem when you begin with the intention of telling lies, you can't always keep track of what you've already said and done and as it so happens Katherine Carter of the City of Greensboro Public Relations and Marketing Department had previously given us the court order to release Mayor Nancy Vaughan's Deposition.

And we'll be using it when the time comes. In the meantime we hope you'll share this news with everyone you know so that all may see the cover-up that is still going on. After all, there are still things going on in government other than the Presidential elections.

By the way, we recently learned that
Nick Piornack who you might have recently heard has taken control of the City funded Revolution Mill Project is behind on his taxes at his company Momentum Development. To the tune of $23,000. Rumor has it that the parking lot he owns jointly with James Budd and City Councilwoman Nancy Hoffman is also in trouble and is up for sale.

And while the News & Fishwrap loves to tell you stories about the losses at the International Civil Rights Center & Museum they don't talk much about Nick, James and Nancy being hundreds of thousands of dollars in the red and their combined dozens of bankrupt business ventures all with no means of paying back the City of Greensboro or the taxes they are never going to pay.