Friday, March 11, 2016

John Hammer endorses Democrat Ron Elmer for North Carolina State Treasurer for proposing what Hartzman proposed for the City of Greensboro's retirement plan

"State Treasurer – Democratic

The position of North Carolina State Treasurer is open because State Treasurer Janet Cowell is not running for reelection.

Two Democrats are running, and if you have a single fiscally conservative bone in your body, the choice is Ron Elmer over Dan Blue III.

Elmer says he can save the state pension fund billions by taking the investment portfolio in house instead of paying huge fees to Wall Street firms.  Elmer has also suggested a board of trustees to help oversee the pension fund.  State employees who pay into the fund would be represented on the board.

Blue wants to continue the same old, same old, where the state pays enormous fees for the privilege of having the state’s money invested.

Elmer, a Democrat trying to save the state money, deserves your support.

The winner will face Republican Dale Folwell in November."
Associated Press misleads for Wall Street against Ron Elmer; "Correction: Primary-Council Of State story"; Don't expect the News and Record to tell anyone in print

Charlotte Observer; "Our choices for N.C. treasurer"; Where is Greensboro News and Record's endorsement for treasurer?

What do all these fine folks want to get out of Dan Blue being North Carolina's Treasurer?