Sunday, April 3, 2016

On the possible motives to have voted for and/or signed HB2 into North Carolina law

Maybe McCrory is using it as a job creation initiative for slave like labor jobs.

Bring back some of the slave jobs from China to North Carolina's factory owners who fund him.

Duke Power/Energy probably wouldn't mind making more money from more profitable businesses
who don't have to pay more for labor than absolutely necessary.

North Carolina may become an abusive employer magnet if the issue is affirmed by the election.

I suppose congratulations will be in order.

Hb2 will be good for fields of work exploiting women.

Good for business owners who like relations with the help.

Easier to fire pregnant women who slow down productivity.

McCrory's healthcare industry donors would make more money
from more poor, uneducated low paid workers paying more out of pocket for healthcare
from parasitic doctors and insurance companies.

Bank of America is saying they oppose the legislation
without asking for their Pat McCrory PAC and other donations back,
meaning they are actually for it, while keeping up appearances.

Maybe they get an automobile manufacturer now that they dissolved North Carolina's employment law risks.

Big money won't have to pay maternity care leave and save on insurance costs
by firing pregnant women without cause before birth.

Before birth.

It's the American way.